Monday, April 28, 2008

Ducks and Haircuts!

My friend Tara had a great idea to take the boys and feed the ducks. They had a great time but I am afraid the ducks were a little stuffed from whoever fed them that morning. An employee of the hospital (that is where the duck pond was) said, "Yeah, by the looks of the sidewalks in the morning, it looks as if they are fed very well." In my head, I was like, "Okay...thanks for that tidbit!" Anyway, since Tara and I had our hands full with two babies, I thought it would be a good idea for them to hold hands in the parking lot. They did so well and I think actually enjoyed each others company. It took them a while to figure out how to hold hands, but once they caught on they just kept going.

Do I look like the mama duck or what?

Cade (the fearless one) ran after the ducks.

Keegan kept a safe distance.

The next day, I took Keegan for his first haircut. I had trimmed up his hair before but it was now time for a professional haircut. The last time I decided to trim it up, I vowed to myself that was the last time. I did it during a thunderstorm (I guess to waste some time because we could not be outside) and the scissors went diagonally up as soon as it thundered. Let's just say his hairline was not so pretty.

Keegan did awesome at his haircut and he watched Elmo while playing in a firetruck. What more could you ask for? She did a little spike in the front, and I swear he gained two years. I asked her what she did with my baby because now he looks officially like a toddler.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Guess who shops at Target?

I was at Target today and overheard this little girl say to her big sister with such enthusiasm, "OH WOW!!!...THIS is where the Easter Bunny gets all his presents!" It made me smile really big.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's the small things in life...

Friday we had the latest Keegan and Jack photo shoot...I finally scored some pretty cute pictures. Just check out the last one of the bunch! Jack already has a sense of humor like his brother and a fabulous laugh!

On Saturday we were invited by Aunt Fitine to enjoy the Bayou Woods Resort. We had the opportunity to visit some of our old neighbors as well that have not seen Keegan in 9 months and they got to meet Jack for the first time. We had so much fun in the pool and Keegan loved the COLD water, but mom could only get in knee deep! Afterwards, Keegan slept on Christine's living room floor and Jack slept in the bed unswaddled for the first time! Yeah! I still am pinching myself that Keegan could sleep anywhere other than a crib! Praise God for nap mats! Okay but really...these are huge milestones for both boys and makes my life sooooo much easier!

Keegan is imitating Christine sunbathing here. We are already setting up good habits!

The prize picture! The nap mat has a pillow but he chose the hard wood floor instead..but what do I care??? He slept!!

Last but not least I had to tack these have to love beanie weanies!

Yep...that is a fork.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Upgraded Weekend

Jonathan and I escaped to San Antonio last weekend all by ourselves! It is amazing how much you look forward to a weekend alone and with no schedule or unasked for wake up calls. We went to San Marcos Outlet Malls on Friday and walked and spent until our legs could take us no further. We got some really cute clothes and good deals and the weather was incredible too! We then headed to the Gristmill in Gruene and had the most amazing "gruene beans" I have ever had. They were mixed with bacon, rotel and garlic. Oh have to try them when you go. Then here is where the upgrade came.

We decided to stay at the Radisson Hill Country Resort, which is right next door to the Hyatt Hill country. Let me just say...the word "resort" tacked on to the end of a hotel name does not mean you are guaranteed it. Our line of thinking was...spend more in San Marcos...and be okay with an above average but not exceptional hotel. So, we went to the front desk to check in and they had no more rooms available. I was really frustrated because my legs were like jello and all I wanted to do was soak in the jacuzzi bathtub that was in our room. She then says, "We can put you either in the Hyatt Hill Country or the Fairfield Inn for the night for free". Uhhhh..let me think on that. THE HYATT HILL COUNTRY!!! I really wanted to stay there, but opted for the Radisson and the shopping spree. So, we enjoyed a fabulous night there. Let me just is worth every penny and so relaxing!

So Saturday we had to go back to the Radisson and let's just say it was not the Hyatt. They were doing some construction and it is never a good sign when you exit off onto your floor and see dingy carpet and spackle on the walls. Also, I went to the spa and it is also not so relaxing when your massage therapists phone is buzzing and she clicks on the cd player for some background music. They have forgotten that customers pay for the ambiance as well. Oh well..I am sure the hotel will be nice when they redo it all, but for the meantime, not what you would call a resort. They will need to tack on golf course and decent spa to earn that title.

Out of the deal we got a free night at the Radisson for sometime else, $50 to the spa, free breakfast, dinners, and drinks. So, the staff there was very accommodating and we did score in the end.

The weird thing about the whole weekend is that I never could relax. I was still in mommy mode and I felt almost directionless without a schedule to follow. We had a great time, don't get me wrong, but I realized how much I missed my boys! I thought I would want to stay longer, but I was ready to come home and love on them!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

You know it is time to shave when...

your son rubs up against your leg and says..."eeeewwww". :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Last Week in a Nutshell

*Monday, I took Keegan to the Houston Zoo on and we hung out with friends from Houston Northwest and we invited Amanda and Jackson to come with us. We dropped Jack off with Granny J, after being stuck on 290 for a long while. I almost had a mini meltdown..but we made it. Somehow we managed to see the whole zoo (or we thought) and did not see any monkeys! The one animal I told Keegan that we were going to see. Oh well, we stop and ate some yummy lunch and Amanda introduced me to the pizza at the zoo. I was a good "money conscious" wife and ate my turkey sandwich that my husband so lovingly made for me and nibbled on some of Amanda's leftovers. Not too bad for Zoo food...actually really good for zoo food. We sat by this humongous bird cage and we were interrupted many times by this obnoxious bird. Jackson and Keegan really had fun mocking it. Then I look over at my friend Lesly's shirt and said, "Did you spill something?" A bird had pooped on her. If she had not had a long enough day with her car not working and her boys popping each other in her back seat on the way there. Bless her heart. I did what any loving friend would do...I cleaned it off. Tide Stick was way too little for this job!

*Tuesday, we stayed in for most of the day and I was ready to escape to Christine's for our viewing of American Idol. It is about stinkin time that Ramiele Malubay was voted off.

*Wednesday we went to bible study. We are doing Beth Moore's "Loving Well". So very good. One of the first questions off the bat is "Do you love others more than you did 5 years ago?" I actually believe that I do...but it took a lot to get there. I picked Keegs up from the nursery and he was bit by another child. Poor guy. They said that he did not cry but just looked at them like, "Now, why did go and do that for?" Mama Bear wanted to come out but I guess my time is coming where Keegan is going to do something to another child.

*Thursday was Mother's Day Out. My child came home and all hell broke loose. He was so disobedient that MANY time outs and MANY spankings still did not work. Yes I said, spankings...I believe in it. (of course it is never taken too far and I never out of anger). I wanted to take him back to MDO and ask for my child back. However, check out this picture I got back from MDO. Look how absolutely cutie pie they all are, and how in the heck did the photographer pull it off where they all sat still (most in chairs) looking at the camera? I got to find this guy and find out his secret!

*Friday I was ironing Jonathan's shirt and Keegan came in there with his paccee and lovie. Both of which stay upstairs only. Homeboy when up and down the stairs by himself. Yikes!

*We had a fabulous weekend and cleaned up our yard all spiffy. Last weekend I managed to get poison ivy, so I am hoping that I did not run into it again. Our yard is finally getting more green! We had friends over on our anniversary and had a blast playing the game wahoo! If you have never played this have to play.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Five Years and Counting...

Today is our 5 year anniversary! It has been an amazing 5 years with lots of adventures! I am so proud to say that I am Mrs. Jonathan Sanders. He is the love of my life and my perfect match in every way. I think you come to find out how God intended you to be with your spouse the longer you are married. How incredible to look back and see God's hand in our life.

Here are some of our favorite pics of our wedding.

Our Parents

The bridesmaids (the groomsmen pic is trapped in our wedding album)
From left to right, Cari, Melanie Andrea, Christine, Kristin, and Janelle

My beloved pastor for 21 years, Dr. James Moore. He was a riot! He reminded the congregation why you get married and reason number 2 was to know. Then he proceeded to to explain that he married my parents, and then Jonathan and I, and if we would "get with it" he could marry our children off. My face was so red, and all I could think of was my students sitting in those chairs behind me. It was quite humorous!

This picture has always cracked me up! The wedding party came running down the hallway after we were married!

They threw rose petals that day and our wedding video in slow motion shows one entering into my mouth and me spitting it out! I wish I could get it on my blog..maybe one day!

It is so fun going back and remembering all the emotions of that day! Can we do it again?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Seven Things

So I have been tagged by the lovely Tammie. I met her when I was girls minster at HFBC when her daughter Peyton entered into our student ministry. She would prance by my office in the afternoons when waiting for Peyton to get out of school. She would make me laugh, make me cry and encourage me in the Lord. She was a good break in my day! You got to love her smile, sweetness and CRAZINESS! I miss you Tammie!

The Rules:
Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
Tag 7 people
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My Seven Things:
1. I love making lists and have to write out everything in my mind before I go to sleep at night. I am a little OCD in this area.

2. My favorite tv shows by category:
Comedy: Ugly Betty
Game Shows: Wheel of Fortune, 1 vs. 100, Cash Cab, Family Feud (really anything that will make me think!)
Talk Shows: Ellen and Oprah
Drama: Law and Order-bum bum!
Reality: American Idol and Jon and Kate Plus 8
Guilty Pleasure: The Hills on MTV (Who else thinks Spencer is the ultimate jerk?)

3. My latest purchases on itunes: Sara Bareilles album "Little Voice", David Cook (ai contestant)"Billie Jean" and Brook White (ai contestant)"Let it Be"

4. I loathe potatoes. I can not stand them. (except in skinny french fries...but sometimes I wish I hated those too!) Many people have tried to get me to taste them, and sometimes forcefully. While in college, Heath, Janelle's husband, once shoved a handful in my mouth while I was laughing. I think I gagged for the next hour.

5. I was band president in high school.(laugh all you want!) I played clarinet and was second chair the whole I time I played. My senior year I thought I was going to finally be first chair because the girl who occupied that chair finally graduated. Then, in came a dorky freshman guy who took it from me. He was also in All-State all four years. GRRRR. When I was in middle school, I was in the Fort Worth Junior Orchestra and somehow managed to be first chair. Despite my valiant efforts, I never seemed to be the best so I did not not play after my senior year and sold my clarinets on ebay. One of those clarinets was purchased because my dream was to be in the New York Philharmonic. (sorry mom and dad..that was an expensive dream down the drain!)

6. I still wear retainers at night that I got in middle school. If I don't wear them, my teeth start to buck out. I have to keep a tight reign on those things!!

7. I am a people pleaser to the MAX. Sometimes it consumes me and I over analyze everything. I really hate disappointing people and will beat myself up if I do. (someone help me..I need counseling!) :)

The seven people that I would like to know more about...
Linsey, Amanda, Tara, Kim, Lauren, Pamela, and Lynette.