Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Upgraded Weekend

Jonathan and I escaped to San Antonio last weekend all by ourselves! It is amazing how much you look forward to a weekend alone and with no schedule or unasked for wake up calls. We went to San Marcos Outlet Malls on Friday and walked and spent until our legs could take us no further. We got some really cute clothes and good deals and the weather was incredible too! We then headed to the Gristmill in Gruene and had the most amazing "gruene beans" I have ever had. They were mixed with bacon, rotel and garlic. Oh my...you have to try them when you go. Then here is where the upgrade came.

We decided to stay at the Radisson Hill Country Resort, which is right next door to the Hyatt Hill country. Let me just say...the word "resort" tacked on to the end of a hotel name does not mean you are guaranteed it. Our line of thinking was...spend more in San Marcos...and be okay with an above average but not exceptional hotel. So, we went to the front desk to check in and they had no more rooms available. I was really frustrated because my legs were like jello and all I wanted to do was soak in the jacuzzi bathtub that was in our room. She then says, "We can put you either in the Hyatt Hill Country or the Fairfield Inn for the night for free". Uhhhh..let me think on that. THE HYATT HILL COUNTRY!!! I really wanted to stay there, but opted for the Radisson and the shopping spree. So, we enjoyed a fabulous night there. Let me just say..it is worth every penny and so relaxing!

So Saturday we had to go back to the Radisson and let's just say it was not the Hyatt. They were doing some construction and it is never a good sign when you exit off onto your floor and see dingy carpet and spackle on the walls. Also, I went to the spa and it is also not so relaxing when your massage therapists phone is buzzing and she clicks on the cd player for some background music. They have forgotten that customers pay for the ambiance as well. Oh well..I am sure the hotel will be nice when they redo it all, but for the meantime, not what you would call a resort. They will need to tack on golf course and decent spa to earn that title.

Out of the deal we got a free night at the Radisson for sometime else, $50 to the spa, free breakfast, dinners, and drinks. So, the staff there was very accommodating and we did score in the end.

The weird thing about the whole weekend is that I never could relax. I was still in mommy mode and I felt almost directionless without a schedule to follow. We had a great time, don't get me wrong, but I realized how much I missed my boys! I thought I would want to stay longer, but I was ready to come home and love on them!


The Juarez Family said...

Good for you both for getting away without the kids! You both need that more than you realize. I feel like that when Jeff and I are apart from Mal we feel the same way - no direction! I am glad you both enjoyed yourselves with all the "extras" that were thrown in! Don't you just love that part of Texas? I miss is so much :}


A is for Audrey said...

yay fo y'all! that's so great. i'm glad y'all had fun. i want to see you and i'm sure i won't even recognize keegan! call me when you get a chance.
love and miss you!

A is for Audrey said...

didn't mean to say "fo". but while i'm at it...glad y'all had fun, fo sho!! ;)

Rick said...

Hey that's cool that you got all of those "goodies" for next time!

-That's how I would have "rolled."

Glad you two got to have a weekend to yourself.

Question - how many times did you call to check on the baby????


lowerys said...

SHUT UP! I LOVE the Hyatt Hill Country. Please tell me you guys got to spend some time at the pool and lazy river. How awesome! So glad you had such a great time and got some good stuff out of it! :)