Saturday, August 9, 2008

Please pray for baby Abigail...

Hello friends, I know that I am on a blogging fast right now, but wanted to put word out to pray for a fellow blogger. My neighbor, Merry Lynn's best friend Stacie needs to be lifted up for her unborn baby Abigail's life. She already has lost her twin sister Madison due to Twin to Twin Transfusion, even after a surgery that went well to correct it. Stacie is 26 weeks along and join me and others as we pray for sweet Abigail to make it to term and to be healthy.

God, we BELIEVE that you can sustain Abigail in the womb and bring her to term. Give peace to Stacie and Brian as they continue this journey and heal their hearts after their loss of sweet Madison. We know your ways are sometimes not made known to us, but we trust you.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Divided Heart

You know when the Lord is trying to get your attention. It is not vague or something you can question. When is really trying to make a point he will address it in every message you hear at church and in your quiet times. Even through conversations with other people, if they realize it or not.

For the past few weeks I have noticed that a lot of my time is spent on the computer. Every few minutes alone I get and even when the boys are awake, I surf everyone's blog and think of my next postings. At church a couple weeks ago, our pastor talked about throwing off things that can hinder your relationship with God. He made a point to say that those things can be "good". Immediately, my mind when straight to my internet habit. I said to myself.."I can not give this up because this is my community with people. It keeps me going being by myself in the day." He said, "I alone fulfill." In my quiet time today it asked, "What would have to change in your life for you to experience more times of "treasuring" your blessing, and "meditating" on the goodness of God?" Okay Lord, I know. I know.

As I have been pondering on this the last couple of weeks, my mind has even drifted to giving my blog a makeover. So I found myself spending hours on figuring out how to do it. Wow, I can not believe that I was allowing this to happen again! Dern! I think sometimes God should hit us over the head with a 2 by 4.

So all this to say, I wasn't going to post this because obviously it looks like I did not learn a lesson. But, wanted to keep myself in check. So, until I can get my habit under control, it may look like I dropped off the map. I love yall and I will catch ya later!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jack Jack-7 Months

I can not believe that he is 7 months old! What in the world? He is the most easy going baby and smiles at everything. He loves to laugh, jump, bother Keegan, grab for our faces, play in his exersaucer, rock back and forth on all fours, and drink every last bit of his bottle. He still hates solid food of any kind, dirty diapers, being sleepy, being left alone (our social butterfly) and teething. I don't blame him for that! His face completely lights up when you enter the room and it erases every stressful thing that has been going on in the day. He makes me happy and I am so in love with that little bald man! Happy Mirthday Jack!