Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Seven Things

So I have been tagged by the lovely Tammie. I met her when I was girls minster at HFBC when her daughter Peyton entered into our student ministry. She would prance by my office in the afternoons when waiting for Peyton to get out of school. She would make me laugh, make me cry and encourage me in the Lord. She was a good break in my day! You got to love her smile, sweetness and CRAZINESS! I miss you Tammie!

The Rules:
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My Seven Things:
1. I love making lists and have to write out everything in my mind before I go to sleep at night. I am a little OCD in this area.

2. My favorite tv shows by category:
Comedy: Ugly Betty
Game Shows: Wheel of Fortune, 1 vs. 100, Cash Cab, Family Feud (really anything that will make me think!)
Talk Shows: Ellen and Oprah
Drama: Law and Order-bum bum!
Reality: American Idol and Jon and Kate Plus 8
Guilty Pleasure: The Hills on MTV (Who else thinks Spencer is the ultimate jerk?)

3. My latest purchases on itunes: Sara Bareilles album "Little Voice", David Cook (ai contestant)"Billie Jean" and Brook White (ai contestant)"Let it Be"

4. I loathe potatoes. I can not stand them. (except in skinny french fries...but sometimes I wish I hated those too!) Many people have tried to get me to taste them, and sometimes forcefully. While in college, Heath, Janelle's husband, once shoved a handful in my mouth while I was laughing. I think I gagged for the next hour.

5. I was band president in high school.(laugh all you want!) I played clarinet and was second chair the whole I time I played. My senior year I thought I was going to finally be first chair because the girl who occupied that chair finally graduated. Then, in came a dorky freshman guy who took it from me. He was also in All-State all four years. GRRRR. When I was in middle school, I was in the Fort Worth Junior Orchestra and somehow managed to be first chair. Despite my valiant efforts, I never seemed to be the best so I did not not play after my senior year and sold my clarinets on ebay. One of those clarinets was purchased because my dream was to be in the New York Philharmonic. (sorry mom and dad..that was an expensive dream down the drain!)

6. I still wear retainers at night that I got in middle school. If I don't wear them, my teeth start to buck out. I have to keep a tight reign on those things!!

7. I am a people pleaser to the MAX. Sometimes it consumes me and I over analyze everything. I really hate disappointing people and will beat myself up if I do. (someone help me..I need counseling!) :)

The seven people that I would like to know more about...
Linsey, Amanda, Tara, Kim, Lauren, Pamela, and Lynette.


Lauren said...

I did it!

happy pamela said...

I did it too! My first time EVER!!

KELLY said...

I so LOVE Cash Cab! Wish it was here in Houston! LOL

The Juarez Family said...

I did it!

Janelle & Ella said...

I am laughing so hard at picturing Heath doing that. I'm not sure if I was there. But you should feel very sorry for me. It's those kind of things that came with our marriage. :-)