Monday, April 7, 2008

Last Week in a Nutshell

*Monday, I took Keegan to the Houston Zoo on and we hung out with friends from Houston Northwest and we invited Amanda and Jackson to come with us. We dropped Jack off with Granny J, after being stuck on 290 for a long while. I almost had a mini meltdown..but we made it. Somehow we managed to see the whole zoo (or we thought) and did not see any monkeys! The one animal I told Keegan that we were going to see. Oh well, we stop and ate some yummy lunch and Amanda introduced me to the pizza at the zoo. I was a good "money conscious" wife and ate my turkey sandwich that my husband so lovingly made for me and nibbled on some of Amanda's leftovers. Not too bad for Zoo food...actually really good for zoo food. We sat by this humongous bird cage and we were interrupted many times by this obnoxious bird. Jackson and Keegan really had fun mocking it. Then I look over at my friend Lesly's shirt and said, "Did you spill something?" A bird had pooped on her. If she had not had a long enough day with her car not working and her boys popping each other in her back seat on the way there. Bless her heart. I did what any loving friend would do...I cleaned it off. Tide Stick was way too little for this job!

*Tuesday, we stayed in for most of the day and I was ready to escape to Christine's for our viewing of American Idol. It is about stinkin time that Ramiele Malubay was voted off.

*Wednesday we went to bible study. We are doing Beth Moore's "Loving Well". So very good. One of the first questions off the bat is "Do you love others more than you did 5 years ago?" I actually believe that I do...but it took a lot to get there. I picked Keegs up from the nursery and he was bit by another child. Poor guy. They said that he did not cry but just looked at them like, "Now, why did go and do that for?" Mama Bear wanted to come out but I guess my time is coming where Keegan is going to do something to another child.

*Thursday was Mother's Day Out. My child came home and all hell broke loose. He was so disobedient that MANY time outs and MANY spankings still did not work. Yes I said, spankings...I believe in it. (of course it is never taken too far and I never out of anger). I wanted to take him back to MDO and ask for my child back. However, check out this picture I got back from MDO. Look how absolutely cutie pie they all are, and how in the heck did the photographer pull it off where they all sat still (most in chairs) looking at the camera? I got to find this guy and find out his secret!

*Friday I was ironing Jonathan's shirt and Keegan came in there with his paccee and lovie. Both of which stay upstairs only. Homeboy when up and down the stairs by himself. Yikes!

*We had a fabulous weekend and cleaned up our yard all spiffy. Last weekend I managed to get poison ivy, so I am hoping that I did not run into it again. Our yard is finally getting more green! We had friends over on our anniversary and had a blast playing the game wahoo! If you have never played this have to play.


Linsey said...

Love the little picture! Do you feel like Keegan is bad when he gets off schedule? Or is it when you are busy with Jack? I have to make sure Gage is engaged in an activity before I start feeding Jillian, otherwise stuff gets thrown! They are just funny little people sometimes.

The Juarez Family said...

Mallory started MDO last week. She was kind of like that when I picked her up. I think it has to do with their schedules. So I decided to get a copy of the schedule at school and try to follow it. Not to an exact science, but with lunch and naps. So we will see if it works this week when I pick her up. Plus I think they wear themselves out at school, so at home they are different!


Janelle & Ella said...

Wahoo? I will have to check it out!
I love Keeg's MDO class pic! So adorable with them all sitting in their cute little chairs!
I have eaten the zoo pizza. I think it's because famous. It is delicious. Beth, Amanda and I were laughing how you have to come to the zoo (of all places) to get good pizza. :-) I wish SO badly I could have been with you guys! How fun would that be?