Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Goin' To Middle School Camp

I know I am crazy, but it will be fun adult time! I will be back on Sunday! :) Love and miss you Keegs!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Surprise, Surprise!!

Okay, blink again. Yes, you are seeing a sonogram! We are expecting our second child on January 2. (I know the sonogram says the 8th, but the doc is wrong...trust me!) If this pregnancy is anything like the last, he or she will come the beginning of December. I am almost 9 weeks. We are excited and full of many emotions. Keegan and this new little one will be 18 months apart. This for starters evokes MANY emotions, but God's grace is so sufficient. He must know that I can handle it. Praise God. I never dreamed that I would have two in diapers, but the outcome will be so sweet. To have them so close together creates the best of friends automatically. (at least I will be praying hard for that!) If I could ask for a prayer request, pray that I can make it through the first trimester with Keegan, fatigue, and nausea. I have a had a few days already that have tested my dependency on God. On the brighter side, God is so good to us that He provided our house the same week we found out we were pregnant and we sold our house last week at the asking price. Already He has proved that He can provide in unexpected times! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Keeg's New Loves

I did not hear Keegs for a while yesterday while making dinner and I looked around the corner to find him watching one of his new loves Baby Enstein. He watched at least 15 minutes of it standing this close to the tv. I think I remember that watching tv that close can ruin your eyes..but hey...I fixed dinner without distractions. (don't call cps on me...i promise it won't happen again!)

This HUGE teddy bear was given to Keegan at one of my showers by his great aunt Carolyn. Jonathan introduced it to him the other day and now all he wants to do is lay on it and wrestle with it. Such a boy! (by the way, he is watching tv..but at least from a few feet away!)

He has become a huge fan of hide and seek. Christine found a little gap inbetween our couch pillows and Keegs loves to look for her through that gap and laugh his little head off. I was hoping today that he would find it as fun with me, but I sure can't get him to laugh like she can.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A New Place to Call "Home"

So thus one reason for the lack of posts: We found a house!! A couple weeks ago, after attending a moving seminar at the retreat, I decided to write in my prayer journal what we needed in a house and believe that God would deliver. I wrote four requests: 1. four bedrooms 2. nice neighborhood 3. close to Jonathan's work 4. one we can love, be comfortable, and don't have to spend much money for repairs. Low and behold, the very next day I got an e-mail with this house. It met everything on the list. God even threw in a couple extra desires of mine that I did not write out. A jacuzzi tub and a front porch.

I signed up with a reality site that would send me new homes when put on the market in the area where we were looking. The e-mail came with no pictures, but the description was enough for me to go look at it. I walked in and immediately felt like it was "home". ( I saw it the second day it was on the market.) I wrote in my journal that night and asked God to stop anyone from putting pictures online until we could make an offer. So, God went a step futher and closed down the main Houston reality site for the entire weekend. I laughed at that with my realtor, but I am not sure he knew that God really could do that!

We close the end of June, that is if inspection goes well, and we are very excited. Although I have severe mixed emotions about leaving friends and Bayou Woods and moving out to the boon-docks, I am confident that God will not leave us lonely! The only people we know out off Highway 249 are the Habermehls and they are enough familiar faces for me (all 6). They were one of the first families that I bonded with when I first came to Houston and they have become great friends to us.

I am blown away that God provided for us when I thought that we would never find a house in our price range without many repairs.
So lesson learned: Believe God

Saturday, May 12, 2007

So we digress...

He is still sleeping with the pacee.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Poor Pacee!

I had to take Keegs to the doctor today because of the pacee rash on his face that has stayed around for a month. (If you look at the last several pics you can see it.) I called the nurse to see if they had any tricks up their sleeve in how to get rid of it. Instead they asked for us to come in because his saliva could have bacteria. (eeeew!) Our doctor's office is very cautious and looks at everything. I almost did not want to call because I knew they would want us to come in. I did not want to pay $20 for him to recommend lotion. So, we went and I am very glad that we did. Our doc said that he was on the brink of a staph infection! Who knew. He gave us a prescription for some steroid cream to clear it up. Then the words I dreaded came out of Dr. Razaks mouth. "You must stop using the pacifiers and go cold turkey." My thoughts went like this, " Oooooh! Not that! Keeg's loves his pacees! He sleeps with at least 2 every night!!! What about my long trips to Dallas?? His sleep schedule just leveled out!" The look on my face said it all and he chuckled. He did not care. Easier said than done Mister!! But you know what...Keegan went to sleep without one tonight. So it can be done. Goodbye Pacees...we will miss you! You have all been my hero! You will forever be remembered.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A First for Everything

I have made an executive decision today to start feeding Keegan regular food. The baby food and formula every week has been adding up and I am learning that he can eat about anything. I have been a little confused how to make this transition, but I don't think I can go to wrong. (right?) So, for the first day he ate banannas and toast for breakfast and turkey sticks (yuck!) and peas for lunch. The peas had a hard time making it in the mouth, but he did okay with them. However, after I made this decision, I started to realize how fast he was growing up so for dinner we had a gerber jar of food. I have to use it up anyway!

For the afternoon Keegan and I headed out to the pool. I have been excited but also dreaded this experience. In the past few months everytime we got near a pool he grabbed onto me so tight like he was scared of it. But today, mom had to get her tan on and he had to move past his fear. We walked in slowly and then I started splashing the water to make it feel a little like the bathtub. It was a sucess minus the few gulps of water and choking sessions. We had big smiles and loud screams which equaled more pool time this summer!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Stay Tuned

There have been so much going on around here in the last week that my schedule has contributed to no new posts. I will get back soon. I know all of you are growing so impatient. (just kidding)