Sunday, June 24, 2007

Living in the Rubble

My mom has been here for a whole week helping us pack up the condo. She is always such a big help...and when it comes to packing..she gets after it!! We are almost done minus all the last minute things to pack up. We are moving next weekend, so for this week I have to bear with the mess. I am clean freak when it comes to things being dirt, dust and grime free, but when it comes to clutter...I can go a few days. has been more than a few days and it is getting to me. The one good thing is that I have strategically put boxes in front of places that I don't want Keegan to go..and that is driving him nuts.

We closed on our condo last Monday and closed on the house last Friday. Since then we have been demolishing the interior of the new house. We took out a built-in bookcase in the family room, some tile in the entry way (Jonathan and Brad decided to let the tile man do the rest..a little more work than anticipated) and the vent hood above the stove-top. My mother-in-law, Janet, is an interior designer and she "loathes" those vent hoods. I agreed that I hated them too and now it is gone. My mother in a law has been an incredible asset to this whole project and is helping our place look incredible. Mom and I pulled off all the wall-paper...9 hours worth! I think she only stopped to eat! Also, I have to give props to my brother in law, Brad, who was pulled into the project and worked his tail-end off. What boy does not like demolition?

Our floor has been a big issue because the entry way, the family room, and the kitchen have 3 different floors and they are all connected. (weird) When we took out the built-in it obviously had no floor underneath. So, we decided just to tile all three areas. We found this really cool brown, worn leather looking tile that will look killer! The best part is, it is cheap and I LERVE it!

Finally, I have to give props to my friend Christine who has suffered through picking out paint colors along with me. She has put up with my fickle-ness. She really has called me to greatness and helped me not choose boring colors. So this is what I went with if anyone is interested. Nancy, you might be the only one. The kitchen will be a dull apple green. (best way to describe it) The play room (used to be dining room) will be yellow. The dining room (used to be living room) will be chocolate and khaki. Everywhere else is khaki...including the master bedroom. Sorry did not win me over there. :) The upstairs will be painted to be continued.

So anyway, I just caught you up and by next Sunday we will be in the new house and everything will start getting a place.
Until then...over and out.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sunday Funnies

I hope this does not indicate what Keegan will think of church in the future...or girls. This cracks me up (and frustrates me a little) because he would never do this in his stroller while out and about.

While Jonathan was preparing a bath for Keeg's, Keegan decided to play fireman while I was holding him, soaking not only me but the wall. Jonathan was laughing because he said that Keegan kept looking at it coming out with a confused look on his face. He was not quite sure what was happening or where all that wet stuff was coming from!
(Notice the small little pooch already forming at 11 weeks!)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lovie's Double

Lovie #2 and Lovie #1

One of the one mistakes I think I made is giving Keegan a small stuffed animal, (a.k.a Lovie) around 6 months to sleep with. It really worked at first and it soothed him to sleep...and it still does. BUT nothing else will work. So, day after day this little lamb has gone through the ringer. Keegan's spit has saturated it and discolored it. It SMELLS so bad. I almost gag when he plays with it near my face. The main problem with this particular "lovie" is that when you press his tummy it says a sweet prayer. If Keegan rolls over on it in the middle of the night, the lamb startles him...and us. Because it has this device I can not throw it in the washing machine and dryer between naps. I have to wash it by hand and let it drip dry. Well, obviously it has only been washed once. It just does not dry in time. So, I went on a mission to find Lovie #2. I have looked in stores, but finally found it online. It came in the mail today and I was grossed out how really disgusting his old lovie is when I took out the fluffy bright blue lamb out of the box. So now, Lovie #1 is going to get a major overhaul in some suds and we might surgically remove his noise maker!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I am so fickle!

I have the fun opportunity of picking out paint colors for the new house. I really mean it...I love thinking about all the possiblities. One day I want to go totally edgy and and another I want to be clean and crisp. I will go to bed and is decided...that is what I am going for. The next morning I rethink it all over again. Someone help me! I could never be an interior designer because I would take to long to decide.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Cousin Hang Out

My brother, Matt and his wife Jenifer came down with Jacey over Memorial Day weekend and Mae and Brad joined us with Brianna. It was so fun having all those babies under one roof. Jacey is on the left and Brianna who kept leaning to the side is on the right.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Camp Recharge

Camp was so much fun and such a needed break! It was fun to hang out with the staff, leaders and friends that I love so much. You never really realize how much you miss things until you have been gone from it for almost a year. I am glad that I made the decision to stay at home, but I really treasure the times working with my Houston family (the youth staff at Houston's First). God was really good to point out that I need more "mommy alone" time and that Mother's Day Out is a must. I guess He knows that I could soon go crazy without it.

While at camp, my pregnancy symptoms almost totally disappeared. I was so excited and thought, "YEAH, its over!!!" However, I did have one meat aversion with the chicken with marmalade sauce on top. I still want to gag thinking about it. My friend Roger bought me some sonic that night. :) Sonic is the greatest, especially at camp and somehow we had lots of leaders with those styrofoam cups! Sonic is like a underground market at camp.

When I got back on Sunday night, my nausea returned. God was really good to me that it went away for a week, but my hopes of it being gone for good diminished. So, now I am sitting in my condo with no energy to pack it up. I have three weeks...I can take this one off..right?

Alas Alas, I am hoping it will pack itself up.