Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Thoughts in My Head

* My house has been bombarded with flies. I have killed at least 3 and who knows how many Jonathan has killed. I woke up the other night around midnight with Jonathan swatting at our blinds. I thought he was sleep walking and told him to get back in bed. Then I heard the annoying buzz of a fly trapped in between blinds and the reason that my husband could not sleep for 2 hours. How I slept through it...I have no idea. Tylenol PM maybe?

*I went to see Mamma Mia the on Tuesday with a group of ladies from church. I had no idea how fun that movie was going to be. I have to say that I am a little embarrassed for Pierce Brosnan. The guy can not sing...but at least he looked good trying.

*Jack is on day 12 on sleeping 11-12 hours a night. I am knocking on wood right now. He is also trying so very hard to crawl.

*Today we went and visited Granny J. I went upstairs to put get Jack out of bed from his nap and came down to find them both asleep on the floor. So cute. Then I went and visited Linda Sproule today at First Baptist unannounced. It was like I never left. She busted out the bubbles for Keegan and it made him very happy.

*My friend Lesly, had her third boy yesterday. Happy Birthday Ethan! This is her third in less than 4 years. I went and visited her last night and got a little baby fever. It disappeared at 6am this morning. :)

*I just found a new pediatrician out here under the Texas Children's umbrella and Keegan really liked him. Yesterday I got a letter that said that they no longer accept our insurance! UGH! So, now I have to transfer the files....AGAIN...and worst...find a new doc. Almost every doctor out here is under Texas Childrens. Anyone know of a good doc in the northwest part of town?

*My First Baptist friends Bunko starts on MONDAY!!! Oh I am so excited to see all of them again!

*We have a huge whole in our foyer ceiling from a air conditioner leak. You have to love old houses. So does my neighbor, Merry Lynn.

*Really cute pics of Jack coming soon! :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fun Pictures of the Month

The neighborhood "one minute" 4th of July parade. Keegan was less than enthused....

but Campbell loved it.

Jack is checking his new BFF, Travis, out.

Jack is finally out of this camo sleeping sack! It took us almost 7 months for him to be okay without sleeping the aid of swaddling or a sleeping sack! By the way, this is what happens when you ask your husband to go get a sleeping sack from the store. He comes back with poop colored camo design that was on clearance!

Keegan's new love is playing puddles and rubbing the mud on his face. ALL BOY!

I wonder how many diapers we have gone through? I think I would rather not figure that one out!

Keegan located the big spoon and proceeded to eat his dinner with it. At this point, it is whatever works to get him to eat. He has also used a measuring cup as a utensil.

Swimming at Gigi and G-Bob's house.

Look Mom...I can sit on my own! We are already working on getting on all fours!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I am sitting here working on a memory book for Keegan of his second year while he is watching Finding Nemo. It has been raining all day and I am running out of ideas for entertainment. This is doing the trick for now. He is sitting in his little red chair, eating the jelly beans for a rainy day treat, and he turns around points his little finger and screams, "GO AWAY!!!". I said, "What did you say?". He repeated it very clear this time and I got the point. Usually, he is the one that can not stand it that I am not in the room. You know, I think he is 2 going on 13! To redeem Keegan a little here for his actions, he is such a sweet heart and is kind 90% time. He is also very mild and polite. I just had to document this and for me to remember that he is...TWO!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Keegan's Friend Party

Keegan invited all of his close friends to a nearby park for his birthday. It was so much fun seeing all these toddlers and their moms and thankful that they put up with the hot muggy weather! It was such a blessing to see how Keegan's friends have multiplied in the last year and how God provided each and every one of them!

They were all smiles before I got the camera there. (Doesn't this always happen?) Keegan was not sure he liked that Cade was in control.

Take note of how high Jackson is. :) He's not scared!

The girls, Campbell, Audrey, Kyla and Kyrsten enjoying one of Keegan's favorite snacks, rice krispy treats.

And I thought girls would not like trucks as a party favor! Miss Audrey proved me wrong!

Twins Kyle and Krysten. They look like mirror images here!

Keegan impressed us with his new vocabulary word, "MINE!!" He was not sure if he liked his friends playing with HIS new toys. Where do they learn that anyway?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Keegan's Family Birthday Party

Keegan had a great time at his family party. He still does not quite understand it but he knows one thing now. Birthdays=Presents and Cake.

Keegan with Grandad Sanders

The Cousins (Jacey on left and Brianna on right) and of course, Uncle Brad.

Uncle Matt, (my brother) with the Keegs. Isn't this picture adorable?

Aunt Mae getting some big chuckles out of Jack.

This Special FX Elmo stole the show. It is crazy how smart these little things are!

The cousins playing with the Barrel of Monkeys that Keegan gave them. I was so excited to find that they still exist!

I think I should have practiced with Keegan how to blow the candle out. It never occurred to me that do that. So, I had to ruin his moment and blow it out for him.

Yes, that is Keegan in a monkey outfit on his cake. :) I really wanted a monkey theme and I could not find a cute monkey cake that wasn't Curious George. So, I chased Keegan in the backyard with his Halloween costume on in the heat of the summer to snap a picture for his cake.

This is his big moment where he figured out how much he LOVED birthday cake. Since he would not sit in his chair,(oh yes..he is 2) he thought it was much more enjoyable for Granny J and Gigi to feed it to him.

Just for fun, here is the first picture of Keegan I took for the cake. I think it sums it all up...KEEGAN IS OFFICIALLY TWO....but I love my little monkey!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I am still alive...

Some good posts coming up....when I get back into the blogging mood after our crazy first half of July. To my college in particular... who "swear" they keep up with me on other people's blogs better than on my own blog...I promise I have many pics and stories coming! :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Baby is Two!

I am not sure how it happened, but I blinked and Keegan turned 2 last Sunday, July 6th. He has completely turned my life upside down, inside out, and all around. I am proud to be Keegan's mom and enjoy every development, every funny moment, and even sometimes his tantrums. They sometimes can be quite amusing and really hard not to laugh at. (sometimes being the key word) We have learned to do so many things this year that it is quite amazing. He is all boy. From splashing in puddles, pointing out every truck on the road, to noticing any time a sport is on tv. He is a polite boy, when he wants to be, and I love when is says "Peas"(please) and "Tu Tu"(thank you) without asking him. Keegan has his own little personal space. If you are not invited he will let you know it. On the flip side, he loves when you play with him and he does not like to play by himself. He is a sweet boy and loves to cuddle after naps and take care of his little brother. He is also very smart and you can't get much pass him. He says "UGGGGGGH!!!" for every word he does not know but soon enough he will be talking in sentences. He understands way more than he can say and I know that has to be killing him. He says a new word everyday at this point. Keegan is daddy's little helper. He loves to pull weeds and...grass, rake, hammer, put things together and apart, and cries when he can't help mow. He wants to live outside and never come inside. His favorite toys currently are Melmo (Elmo) and Choo Choos. He loves music and recently started dancing. He came home from VBS knowing motions to his favorite song. Keegan still has the greatest laugh and I enjoy seeing him experience things in life. I feel like as a team we have accomplished so much and while I am trying to mold him into a godly young man, he is molding me into a mother that I never knew I could be.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

June Photo Diary

So, I just took a look at my blog and there are A LOT of words on it and no pictures as of late. June literally went so fast that I am left wondering "Wasn't yesterday just May?"

He LOVES shoes, but epecially my shoes clanking against the tile.

One of his favorite tricks as of late and it totally cracks me up.

Jack fell asleep in the car so I decided to get Keegs his first sonic drink. I thought it would be fun to see what he would thought of fizzy sprite. I am not sure he took more than one sip, but he thought he was all grown up with a cup and straw.

Aunt Fitine taking Keegan on wild ride down the driveway. Jonathan has been busy with some projects around the house and this day he was paving a new sidewalk. (a man of all trades!)

My sweet friend Mariana reading a book to her daughter Audrey and Keegan. Keegan can officially say "Audrey" and I can not wait for Keegan to impress her next time she is around. I know he does not look really excited here, but trust me...he is just playing hard to get.

Morning Sesame Street in our bed. I think I look about like this in the morning too!

We started food with Jack and he is less than enthused. He seals his mouth shut and won't take a bite! (any advice anyone?) He is 6 months today, so now I know he has to eat!

The boys are starting to play with each other more and it is so endearing to watch!

I love this pic! :)