Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's ALL good...

Keegan is doing great in his bed and has not attempted yet to get out of his bed. He looks so darn cute, but so big boy. I took Jack to the doctor yesterday and found out that he had a bad ear infection in one of his ears. So, now he is getting medicated and hopefully getting better.


Janelle and Ella said...

Yea. I'm SO glad he is doing well!!

Amanda said...

Poor Jack! And way to go Keegan!

Tara Powell said...

yea Keegan! I was just thinking about you guys a little bit ago. I hope that Jacks ears clear up soon!

Amber said...

Oh i am so glad Keegs is doing well with the bed! I bet he looks so cute!
I always look at your blog via bloglines but today i went to it and I LOVE your new look. and the Pics are AWESOME! so great!

Miss you friend!

intelligence said...