Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Jack: Round One

Jack had double the fun for his birthday. We had his friends over for a playdate that was on the brink of craziness, but it was lots of fun. Check out these pics.

One of the twins, Kyla and Krysten, brought this wand over. Keegan took it over when left unattended and he kept pointing it to the tv like he was playing Wii baseball. It was cracking me up. Notice his hair...we ran out of time that morning! :)

Billy and Gavin

Jackson and Colton

Shawna and Lesly with all the kiddos holding down the fort in the living room.

Busy Busy Busy...and this was not everyone.

"MMMMMM why didn't you feed this to me before?" Jonathan made all the cupcakes for the party decorated and all. He was so proud of them!

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