Thursday, January 15, 2009

Considering a house with lots of trees?

I spent 3 hours today racking leaves...just in the front yard. I hear a lot..."I love your neighborhood because of all the trees." Yes, it is very pretty until the leaves start falling. I was coming home the other day and noticed how terrible our yard looked. Everyone around us have yard crews that come and fix the leaf problem. However, we don't have an envelope for that, so we are enslaved to our yard. It is always a sad scenario to be working so hard only to see more leaves fall. I do however feel as if I got a good work-out!

When my brother and I we were little used to rake leaves for my mee-maw and earned some cash doing it. Her yard was a 20 bag job at the minimum. So, I am counting my blessings that I only bagged 6. But dang...If only I was paid for it!

I am pretty sure our next house (if there will be one) will be without a gigantic tree in the front.


Amanda said...

Oh girl, I can so relate to this. Y'all might need to get a leaf blower. Our Irving house had huge oak trees and the leaves were out of control. I appreciate that our current neighborhood has lots of big trees, but thank God they are not in my yard!

Anonymous said...

Feel your pain! Before we got a yard crew, I would rake and rake and it would look like I had done nothing! It is definitely a love/hate relationship with trees! I'll pray that you soon get an envelope for a yard crew, but then you are married to Paul Sanders son!


Anonymous said...

Mee-Maw's yard was a two-hundred bag minimum....but thankfully Mr. Castleberry was available to pick up the leaves that you and Matt left for him!

Membership Required said...

I was wondering when y'all were going to get to that leafy yard. Grin. Wanna come do mine....I have a blower. Let's walk tomorrow and find other yards that look like ours.
PS. we have pine needles in our front that are just the biggest pain.

A is for Audrey said...

those dern trees! that's what i love-D (past tense) about our neighborhood, but our problem is pine needles...EVERYWHERE! i think amanda is right, we will probably need to invest in a leaf blower. until then, we'll just have to work out our arms (and mine really need it, so i guess that's not such a bad thing).
love u!

Amy said...

I feel your pain. our house looked so lovely with all 23 trees when we bought it in the summertime...what naive young homeowners we were. Robert has learned a few trick since then. Leaf blower, tarp and a truck. We haul them off by the truckload and NO bagging. yeah! btw, i don't have an envelope for that either.

courtney said...

I grew up in a house that has (I think) 6 oak trees in the back yard. I well remember raking leaves. Now I am married to a man whose allergies make him swell up like a blowfish, so we have fellas who do that for us. I am so thankful. You are every woman for doing that on your own!

googler said...