Friday, January 9, 2009


As I am writing this post, my children are screaming at each other. Not in a negative manner, but for fun. They try to out-do themselves and their pitch and volume get louder and louder. I am loving that they are starting to play together and this makes it to where I can sit here and write a post while they are awake. Yeah! I guess I just need to invest in some earplugs in order to concentrate.

I have considered my options in my new year resolutions. Some I will keep and some I will am sure will suffer.

*One of them is that I am gong to try to relax a bit more. Not let every crazy scenerio leaving me ripping my hair out. (Jack is eating paper right now.) I have to admit that this is a process, am I am doing much better. :) Thank you very much..a pat on the back for me!

*I am going to kick the laziness. Not that I am "slothful" but being a stay at home mom is hard. You can easily stay in your pj's all day and eat all day if you wanted. It snowballs until you can't even make yourself tackle your to-do list. So, I am making it my mission to search deep down for Mrs. Organization that was apparent before children.

*We are going to use the envelope system this year and see how much money that saves us. This means that we have certain areas of our budget, (groceries, free money, etc.) that we have separate envelopes for. When it is out, it is out. It keeps us from spending too much and shopping smart.

*Stop buying Jeans that the zipper falls down. Seriously, it happened twice yesterday and one time I found it down after we came back from the doctor's office and the second time after the grocery store.

*Stop dwelling on mistakes and consider for once that I can not be perfect.

*For Keegan to be in a big boy bed in a couple weeks and start the potty training beginning of February. Lord, help this to be fast and painless. (I am reading my first resolution back to myself now.)


Linsey said...

I know about the out-doing each other. Sadly, mine often scream at each other! Do yours fight? Mine do!! It is hard b/c I don't know how to handle it. But, it is fun when they play together. Makes it worth it!

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh, I have to second the no-falling-zipper resolution. I bought some expensive-brand jeans at a discount store a couple of months ago, and now I know why they were so cheap--the zipper falls down. Grr. Considering how much I wear jeans, I should really just buy the good ones.

Janelle and Ella said...

Those sound like great resolutions!!! I totally know what you mean about the laziness. I have less energy on the days I stay home with Ella than the days I have to go to work. I just can not get motivated to do anything on those days at home.

Becky Kiser said...

i read in a book to take 5 minutes at the end of your day to make your to-do list for teh next day. people who do this are for more likely to actually get to their list. i started this on the 1st and it has been awesome so far!

Leighann said...

I've used the envelope system for about 6 or 7 years now and it's the best!!! I'm sure we save a least a hundred dollars a month because we are way more discriminating about what we're willing to spend that cash on.
Even when we went to Disney World last year I made special envelopes with money for each day of the trip.
Good luck!!!

The Juarez Family said...

Dave Ramsey fan? The envelope system works, or it did for me! We are huge fans :}


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