Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thank You Mack!

This past Sunday night officially started our journey in giving up pacee. He finally thought it was a better trade to give them up for a CARS Mack truck. He cried an hour that night and it has been getting shorter and shorter every night afterwards. However, our nap time has been another story. Monday it took him 2 hours to fall asleep. The first hour was crying and screaming and the next was running up and down his crib. "1-2-3 GO!!!" he would scream. He finally dozed off and when I went to get him out of his crib, one arm was sticking straight out of the neck hole of his shirt. "Hurt, Mommy". Poor baby slept like that and I am sure his arm was dead asleep. Tuesday, it took him an hour to go to sleep. Today, we are going on 30 minutes and he is still playing in his bed. My plan has backfired a little, because now he wants to sleep with the Mack truck. I guess in his little brain, he traded one for another. So, I let him twice, but realized that I am a now we put Mack truck to sleep (with a dish towel as a blanket) downstairs before sleeping.

The good thing about him giving it up is that he has slept all night long without waking up. (knock on wood!) I think when he slept with the pacifier it would fall out of his mouth and wake him up. Thus, he would spend a few minutes looking for it and then yell "DADDY" so he would come find it. Sometimes this would happen 3 times a night!! So, I hope kicking the pacifier to the curb helps him be more rested oddly enough.

On this side of things, it has kind of been emotional taking it away. More than I thought it would be. First, it hurts my heart that I am taking the one thing that soothes him to sleep since birth and now he has to invent another way and second, taking the pacifier away almost seals that deal that he is no longer a baby. I know...ridiculous.

I am excited about checking this milestone off our list and hopefully by the weekend we will be back to normal.


A is for Audrey said...

oh, michelle, i know EXACTLY how to pray for you. the taking forever to fall asleep at naptime, and the pacee. hang in there. i felt terrible when i took audrey's away (i cut it), for the same reasons. then someone reminded me that from the day they are born, we are helping them to become independant...i guess this is part of it. you're doing great though. :)

also, i'm sorry i haven't called to get together. we've been sick off and on for about 2 weeks now, but i think we're on the mend...
we'll get together after christmas.

love you!

Amanda said...

Way to go, Michelle! Y'all have worked hard this week! I hope you are rewarded with lots of nights of uninterrupted sleep. I can relate on a slightly different level with finally seeing fruit of training we've being doing since AUGUST. Jackson had a victory on the potty two days in a row this week - a major victory for us!

Amanda said...

PS - Jackson takes quite a while to fall asleep these days too. I think for him it may be his age. If he cries when I put him in, it actually means he'll go quicker. Weird.

Linsey said...

Yea! I know it is rough. When we finally got rid of Gage's pacifier it was emotional. Wasn't expecting it to be, but it was. They are still babies, with or without pacifiers. Keep up the good work. Oh, naps were tough for about 3 months. I was tempted to give the pacee back just to see if he would nap...DON'T! Hang in there and the naps will get back on track too!

Tara Powell said...

yeah!!! I am so glad it's working. I know it's horrible to listen to them cry it out, but in the end you are helping Keegs sleep better. Keep it up!