Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa Forgot His Elves

This week has been all about fitting shopping in around nap times and getting it done. It has been a good thing since the pacifier drama has been stressful this week. An update on that: Keegan went to sleep for his nap after 20 minutes today. We are getting much better even though he still asks for it occasionally. The dentist said that he would completely forget about it in 3 days. Well, 3 days have come and gone and he still wonders where it is.

This morning, I decided to forgo Jack's morning nap to head across town to a store not located in our area. Jonathan met us there for a short while to try on some new dress shoes. We headed toward the skating rink and there was Santa with no line! I was shocked but then as soon as I thought it, a whole school class ran in line. We went to Old Navy and then came back and the line had dwindled and the school class let us cut.

I had not prepared Keegan at all for this experience. I dressed them in coordinating shirts this morning, just in case, but surrendered that it was just not going to happen this year. So, we lined up and the photographers helper asked, "Okay, which one will cry?" Uggh...both? So she whisked Keegan out of Daddy's arms to give him to Santa as I put Jack on Santa's lap. Never a good scenario with a daddy's boy. The helper, which by the way was not dressed as an elf, kept clapping at Keegan to get him to smile. Her tactics were a little strange and scary. Whatever happened to the cute elves?? Santa pulled me over and said, "Next year, make him watch movies of me starting in September and next year we will have a better experience." Thanks Santa, but my rule is no Christmas until after Thanksgiving. (and that is way too much exposure of Santa!)

So we headed out and Keegan finally got Santa straight in his head. For a couple of months we have been reading this book "Santa are you for Real?" It teaches a child that Santa gives gifts like Saint Nicholas (a real person) who gave gifts because Jesus came as a gift to us. It has pictures of both Jesus and Santa in the book. So, every time he saw Santa he would yell. "Jesus". son, that is Santa. So, after the pictures today, Santa is Santa and Jesus is at our church, in his bible, the baby in the little people manger, the man in the First Baptist "Prom Hair Jesus" paintings and in the Sunday School coloring pages. I pray that we will always keep more weight in Jesus at Christmas time....starting now.

Just in case you were wondering...Here is the painting at First Baptist lovingly referred to as "Prom Hair Jesus". Credits due to Nancy Monarch in her Facebook contribution.


Tara Powell said...

I'm actually very impressed with that picture. We are headed to see Santa first thing in the morning. I am totally preparing myself for both boys to have an ALL OUT fit. Don't you love paying so much money for a picture of your kids crying?? It's just one of those things, though. Gotta have the Santa picture!!

Amanda said...

I can just imagine all the moms spending months training their kids for a good Santa picture.
The whole Santa thing is hard. I might need to look into that book for next year. We've kind of laid off on the Santa talk with Jackson for now. By the way, the other day Jackson said it was Baby Jesus in mommy's tummy. Awesome.

Janelle and Ella said...

This post had me cracking up!! "Prom hair Jesus"! I think I remember you & Amanda telling me about this. So funny!!!
"Thanks Santa, but my rule is no Christmas until after Thanksgiving!" I wish you would have actually said that to him. That would have been hilarious!
I am so proud of you with the paci!! You are doing a great job!