Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rolling with the Punches

The last two weeks have been quite eventful. Some of them being fun, but most of them being terrible. Last Monday (2 weeks ago) we started out with a bang with Jack getting a stomach bug. He had an ear infection at the same time and had fever on and off for a few days. Saturday morning, we were all healthy and smiles so we went to two birthday parties. One for Travis that is almost a month older than Jack, and Jake who just turned two. That afternoon, Christine or "I-Teen" took christmas pictures of our family and had one of the worst experiences as a mother. Keegan decided to throw a tantrum almost the whole entire time and turning his face away from the camera. I went out the night before and bought them new tops, thinking meticulously about outfits and timing of the pictures to make it "picture perfect". However, you can not change a two-year olds mind. Luckily, we got some pictures we could use. I concluded by the end of the night, without crying I might add, that they call it the "terrible twos" for a reason, and that he is a very sweet boy despite his craziness. (I will post pics soon!)

So, Sunday morning, Jack wakes up with a fever. I am shocked. He had been healthy for a couple days and he was sick again. I had him isolated for a whole week! Monday evening, I started getting sick with a stomach bug. Come to find out most attendants and Jake's birthday got the stomach bug as well. Jack is having fever on and off and I finally take him Wednesday night to the doctor to find out that his ear infections were back and he had pink eye. So, he is on some very strong antibiotics to kick lets hope it is to the curb so we can enjoy the rest of December!

The pacee situation is coming along, but he is not quite ready for the switch. With all the interruptions of sickness, we have not been consistently talking about it with him or reading the book. Tonight he actually gave it to me to give to the fairy. So, I laid him in his bed and then he started crying for it a few minutes later. "No Mack Truck!" he said. So I went up there and he has his fingers in his mouth with a scared look on his face. He decided ultimately that the pacee was better than getting the mack truck that the fairy was going to leave him. The bright side is that I think we are making progress because he never gives me his pacee. Next week I am hoping to take it away for long as we are all healthy! :)


Linsey said...

Have you tried piercing little holes in the pacee so that when he sucks on it, it colapse? We did that with Gage, but we made the whole to big. It needs to be tiny. Plus, he started chewing it and I told him they were broke and we couldn't get any more. Then he started putting his fingers in his mouth! Oh, lordy! It isn't fun, but you can do both can!

Courtney said...

i know how ya feel. i think i got my whole playgroup sick... and its a twin playgroup! our boys now just have the sniffles and a cough but it took about three weeks to get here. something bad has been going around. good luck with the paci, i know i will have to cross that bridge! you give me faith! cant wait to see pics

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Praying that everyone gets back to being totally well soon!

Another cute thing to do is tie all the pacies to helium balloons and let them be carried away. Then the pacie fairy leaves a gift the next morning!

Janelle and Ella said...

Oh girl, I am SO sorry! That really stinks. Stomach bugs are the worst!

The balloon idea from Sunni sounds so cute!
We need to talk. I am missing you so much!