Sunday, December 21, 2008

Be Careful...

Update: I called ATT and they took the charges off with no problem. (Yes, they already hit me up with another $14.99 charge for this month.) ATT has been very accommodating to me and other issues in the past! Great company!
I just got my ATT bill in the mail and I was charged $14.99 by a service called In Novermber I got a new phone and I made a decision not to buy games, ringtones, etc. to save some money, so I had no idea where this charge came from. I looked it up and then it came to me how it happened. I clicked on some link to take an IQ quiz about a month ago. (I I have that time right?) Anyway, it said to put in my cell number to get the results. When I did, it texted me back that I had 30 credits. I was confused, but never responded to the text. When I looked up playphone on the internet the same IQ test popped up. I am hoping ATT will reimburse me for my stupidity! :) But anyhow..learn from my mistake and be careful when you take quizzes on the internet. I guess my IQ was not so high after all! :)


The Bargain Shopper Lady said...

That's good to know! Thanks for warning us. I may have to blog about it for my readers!
I got charged $12 twice for buying something off of Expedia. They cancelled all the charges easily. I'm pretty sure it's fraud so they should remove the charge without a problem. Let me know how it goes!

The Juarez Family said...

The same exact thing happened to me! That is so aggrivating! I had my charges taken off easily, I told them I did not sign up for anything and should not be charged. No issues.


wetherell said...

That exact thing happen to my mom and she was able to get the 12 dollars dropped.

moodie said...

I just got caught on this one too. I put in my cell phone thinking I would get the IQ score and I did NOT agree to the terms and conditions box and just closed the web page and I still got a text message from them with a PIN. I have emailed a cancellation and explained the situation and said I did not authorize anything so don't bill me. We'll see if they are honest or not and I will repost.
I just reported them to McAfee and I hope they will take care of it. They have a few complaints there too and the site is officially not very well rated by McAfee: