Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's New Here

*Jack is eating slices of ham, turkey, macaroni, lots of cheerios, and cheese. We have an appointment on Wednesday for oral feeding therapy for some further help. He just started all of this last week, so I have debated canceling it, but I think I will go anyway to get help with other kids of food that he still spits out.

*I joined the choir at church a month ago and am going to try out for ensemble next week. It has been a LONG time since I have been part of a choir and it has been quite enjoyable. I have to break out my skills in reading music and remembering the notes on the it is a good challenge. My heart has been so full to be able to sing again.

*My roommate from college, Kristin, just had her twin babies Miles and Sam. They are so adorable and I can not wait to meet those two! Check out the shirt that her husband Todd made her for Halloween (2 days before the babies came). It is cracking me up!

*We have a new neighbors two doors down. I went and introduced myself and found out that the husband graduated two years before me at Mansfield High School. Small world!

*We have a couple of women in my neighborhood that have strollers for their dogs. Does anyone else find this strange? They made a comment to us something like, "This is the only way to walk a dog." I am dumbfounded.

*So I am addicted to a show on MTV called "The Hills". I think I have been watching these kids grow up for 4 years now since Laguna Beach. If anyone watches it out there.."How about Spencer being put in place by Heidi's boss?"

*Keegan has made an exit out of his 5 o'clock wake up call. Thank you time change...even though it was supposed to get him to wake up went the opposite way.

*I was looking at houses in this one particular neighborhood on HAR, and saw this picture.

*I host a table group on Tuesday nights once a month for "Women's Life" with author Chandra Peele as our speaker. She has written girls ministry books and I actually used a couple at HFBC for girls. So cool. What I love about this night, it is a melting pot of ages. I had some older women at my table last night. One of them before leaving said, "Can I sit at your table next month?" It made my heart happy.


Courtney said...

i love the hills too. i watched them from laguna beach....

Amanda said...

I have seen some dog strollers in my neighborhood too and I can't keep from ridiculing those people. Seriously?!?! If your dog is crippled I can understand that...maybe. How funny about your neighbor! And I think it's awesome that you will be singing again. Yeah!

Tara Powell said...

I see those darn dog strollers all over Canton...aren't dogs supposed to be walked??? I don't get it. I can't believe you found that house on HAR....hmmm. Wonder why it's not sold! I wish my sweet Cade would get out of his 5 am wake-up call. It seems to be getting earlier. This morning...4:50!!! He was up and jumping with milk in hand ready to play! Not cool after being up for hours with Reid. Man, your lucky. Oh--go Jack on eating all those foods!

Lauren said...

1. I cannot believe some realtor actually posted that picture on HAR!
2. The dog stroller is ridiculous. But funny.
3. Your choir report makes me want to join my church choir. I miss singing. But to get up that early on Sunday . . . I just don't know if we can do it.
4. Noah will absolutely not pick up anything other than Cheerios, Gerber puffs, and strips of toast. Anything that is wet, slick, etc., is rejected (fruit, for example). Grr.

Becky Kiser said...

i am totally addicted to. i feel like such a loser that its one of my favorite shows. but i get over so quickly. :)

Katie and Christopher said...

Thank you for you sweet thoughts! I absolutely loved your friend's Halloween shirt...too funny and cute!! Sending lots of love your way...and we need to get together again soon!

Janelle and Ella said...

*Crazy/cool about your neighbor!
*I just joined our choir too for our annual Christmas program! I did it last year also and that was the first year in many, many years. It took some getting used to reading music again. It's so fun! I wish we were in a choir together.
*Doggy stroller = weird.
*The Hills = I love it! However, I jumped on that bandwagon late and am just on the 3rd season.
*I like your update posts. :-)