Wednesday, November 19, 2008

At Least I am Learning...Something

So I have to admit: I am a reality TV junky.

Here are my favorite with a few reviews...
Dancing With the Stars. I think Brooke is going to win, however it will be VERY tight. Lacey wants Lance. Cody wants Julianne.
Jon and Kate Plus 8. If you have to discipline your children during your wedding, wait until their older. BUT...those chidren looked so sweet in their outfits!! I will say that Kate is very creative and organized but not so nice to Jon.
The Hills. Spencer is abusive. Heidi is blind. Whitney is smitten. Lauren is a target for rumors. Lo is the mean girl. Audrina is blind. Justin Bobby has a girlfriend in every city. (how much you want to bet?)
America's Next Top Model. Mckey has it in the bag. We will find out tonight. I LOVE the photography on this show. They can make anyone look like a model.
Super Nanny: I actually can say that I am learn a little from this show. She is so creative with getting whipping kids into shape. I don't always agree, but she knows what she is doing.
Take Home Chef: Do you ever wonder if Curtis takes home any of the numbers of the girls he chooses?
What Not To Wear: I watch this show mainly to laugh at Stacy and Clinton. They are hilarious. I am wondering if I can nominate myself? PLEASE...take my clothes!


Ashley McWhorter said...

Hi Michelle,
I am a friend of Tara's, and have been reading your blog for a while. This is my first time to comment, I think.
My husband and I are reality TV junkies, too. I don't think we even watch regular sitcoms. We're so bad though. We record them all on DVR, and then watch them after the girls go to bed so we can fast forward through commercials. :) Our favorite's are: Amazing Race, Project Runway, The Hills, America's Next Top Model, and Biggest Loser. Anyway, just thought I would "play along". Have a great day.
Ashley McWhorter

Katie and Christopher said...

I SO agree with your Dancing with the Stars and John & Kate Plus Eight comments!! Way to put it in words! :)

Amy said...

i am just glad someone else close to 30 admits to watching "the hills". i thought i was alone. you are dead-on in your assessment!

Janelle and Ella said...

I had to skim through this post very quickly because I'm not all caught up on them yet! DVR is a wonderful thing. But I love all of these shows, except Take Home Chef and What Not To Wear. I've actually never seen Take Home Chef, but it sounds interesting.