Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Fall Festival!

Last Friday did have a good ending. Keegan and I had a date at our churches fall festival while Jonathan and Jack stayed home sick. It took a good while to get his costume on (he hated it) but he allowed us to scribble on his face. Go figure. He made a cute little scarecrow! As soon as we entered into the parking lot he saw the Firetruck and he could not run fast enough to check it out. Then he saw the "choo-choo" and folks...he could die a happy scarecrow! We rode it around and the excitement that was built up in his body all came out in shrieks! Then the happiness ended when we had to get off the train and then we had a life lesson in waiting in the line to ride it again.

We walked around and nibbled on a extra fried funnel cake and then his attention landed on the band playing. (like mother like son) We made our way to the dance floor and he was a dancing fool. (Yall...this is a BAPTIST church...someone say AMEN!) We soon found our friends the Stengles, and their little twin girls, Kyla and Kyrsten (who were butterflies minus the wings...cause they only lasted a few minutes). The greatest moment is when Keegan ran onto the dance floor and took Kyrsten's hands to dance. (hmmmmmm.....) It was oh so fun for the soul.

Keegan and his bestie, Cade...the fireman

"Keegan and Kyrsten sitting in a tree"....oh sorry... getting a little ahead of myself!

Saturday, Jack felt up to putting on his costume and unfortunately there was no how...that Keegan was going to put his scarecrow outfit back on. So, just imagine the scarecrow and pumpkin all smiles together in a picture...cause there's not one. Look how irresistibly cute he is. (Thanks Stacie for lending us this costume!)

(check out my new teeth!!)


Amanda said...

Awwww! Both boys looked so cute! It sounds like your fall festival was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Ok, i was going to say "awwww!", too. Think I'll say it anyway, Awwww!
Can't wait to see you.
Love, Mom

Tara Powell said...

Jack looks adorable in that costume. Good pictures! Keegan really was the cutest little scarecrow, too! :)

Lynsey said...

i'm loving your new pics! you look great! xxxxx