Saturday, November 1, 2008


Friday morning I woke up all pumped up for the fall festival at our church. I got Keegan out of bed and then Jack, but when I reached in to get him he had a fever. Ahhhhhh! Seriously? He had a slight temp before going to bed but I thought it was because he was getting teeth. So, I thought optimistically and gave him motrin right away. He was quite the fuss budget, so I gave him a long nap hoping it would cure all. Nope. When he woke up he was burning up and had the chills. So, I sat on our couch with him wrapped up while Keegan ran around the house like a mad man. I could not give him any tylenol for another hour. Poor guy.

I get an important phone call and while I have a sick baby in my arms, I also have to write down lots of info. At the same time, Keegan is running around the house like a mad man. (still) No structure...means CRAZY! While I am on the phone I see in the corner of my eye Keegan taking off his pajamas, undoing his diaper and jumping in his tent with all his stuffed animals. I hear, "TEE-TEE in TENT". Oh no! I finish with the phone call and look inside the tent to find everything wet and Keegan naked. He has this grin and said, "Funny". He did not think it was too funny a few seconds later.

I buzz the doctor because an hour after the tylenol, Jack has 103.5 temp. I took him in that afternoon only to find that his temp was 97.1 and he was waving at everyone in the sitting room. The nurse kind of looked at me like..."Sure!". I looked at her like..."Do you think it is fun to wake my kids up to bring my two kids here?" The doc comes in the room, checks him over and says, "I know what he has." Herpangina." HERPA-what? (Then a bell rings in my head because an old student had it.) In fact, the doctor slurs the word a little because it sound that awful. (Of course, this is the same doc that calls the boy part not what it is really called but an alternative word.) This is a virus that causes an ulcer outbreak in the throat. Whoever labels these viruses need to get more creative or at least think twice about what it sounds like. Jack..I am so sorry!

Bad news is Jack could not go to the fall festival but Good news is Keegan and mommy got to go and we had a blast.
Pics to come. :)


courtney said...

I'm so sorry. About Jack, and Keegan's toys.

Anonymous said...

Poor Jack-Jack! Hope he is feeling better soon! And wow - you got to love boys!!

Hang in there!


Membership Required said...

Feel better soon Jack. Keegan...go use the potty next time. Grin.

Tara Powell said...

I hope Jack is feeling better. :( It was good to see ya'll at the fall festival. Keegan was the cutest little scarecrow!