Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Women of Faith Conference

This past weekend, I joined other ladies from our church at went to the Women of Faith conference. It was so fun to load up in a car and be free with no responsibilities! Thank you Jonathan for sacrificing your weekend so I could go. I did not know much about who were going to be there as far as speakers and singers, but I did know that my childhood favorite artist was one. Sandi Patty. Okay...I know some of you are laughing hysterically right now, but seriously...I LOVE HER! It was so nostalgic and I literally was 5 feet away from her at one point. I felt like I could have walked up to her, hugged her, and start talking to her like we were long lost friends. I learned to sing and harmonize listening to her. My mom has an old song book of hers and we used to pull it out, and as she played on the piano, I would sing sing sing to her greatest hits. Sandi has a humugo range, so I did not sound so good on some of her songs, but I sure tried. Two friends that came along, Stacie and Heather, are huge fans of her, so I was glad to have someone to share it with.

The other artists were Nicole C. Mullen, and Mandisa. A-MAZING! I think I am addicted to Mandisa now, and need to attend every concert in Houston when she comes. How incredible how God can use a show like American Idol to bring glory to himself! Ha...I love our GOD!

On Saturday, I spotted Lisa Pierre a few rows down from us, so I visited with her during a break and was blessed. A long time ago (7 years I time flies) we were in the Gathering Band together and now she leads worshio for Beth Moore on Tuesday nights. She is amazing. She has two awesome kiddos that I was blessed to know in our student ministry and her daughter Kamri, is a joy. Lisa also taught aerobics to our girls at First...and I TOTALLY COULD NOT HANG!! But none the less, I saw how really out of shape I am! I forgot totally that she previously was on the Women of Faith praise team, and was sad that she was not on it this year to hear her!

Anyhow, I got my fill of good music this past weekend and need to get on i-tunes to purchase some new songs. Don't laugh..but I am for sure going to rock out to Sandi!


Anonymous said...

We'll have to dig out the video of you and Matt on stage with Sandi about 20 years ago. Also, I dusted off the music book, so prepare Jonathan for a concert...
Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Sandi Patti! Girl - she can sing! I've been known to turn up a certain song in my car and you can probably guess what one!

Glad you got to have a girl weekend!

Love you!

Amanda said...

My mom got to be at a WoF last year and met Sandi Patti. I was SO TICKED that I wasn't with her. And very bitter. I love me some Sandi Patti! I'm so glad you got to go to that!

Janelle and Ella said...

I LOVE Lisa. She's the lady who led the aerobics the time Kristin and I came down, right? She was so sweet.
Glad you had a great weekend.