Friday, October 24, 2008

A Heavy Heart....

Within this past week, we have been hearing grim news for a fellow sister, Kristi Walkers. I barely know her but she was the girl intern that served on the student ministry staff a couple years before I did at HFBC.

Last week she went into the doctor with high blood pressure and jaundice and was rushed into a an emergency c-section. She was diagnosed with HELLPS disease because her platelets were low. Normally, the platelets go back to the normal level, but hers never did. Within the past week, they learned that she had stage 4 cancer. In a e-mail I received this morning, the latest findings are this... "The result of the bone marrow biopsy was not good; the doctors have said the cancer is diffused throughout her entire body – around the brain, all bones, bone marrow, liver and possibly the GI track and chest. The doctors said tonight that even with aggressive treatment, she probably has less than a year to live."

What I do know of Kristi is that she is a 30 year old woman that has dedicate her life wholeheartedly to the Lord. When working at HFBC I heard stories and stories about her and her faithfulness to studying the Word, her intense walk with Him, and a great impact on those she was around. She has children that are 4 1/2 (Cade), 2 (Mason), and of course a newborn (Zane). I know that for now she wants to walk right out of that hospital and be the mother she was called to be.

If you will join me in praying for Kristi as he fights this battle. Chuck, as he supports his wife but at the same time bonding with his newest son, Zane and explaining things to his older boys. For Cade and Mason, that there will be peace in their hearts as things are explained to them in time. Pray for the Kristi's parents, sister Amy, and husband Daniel who I am sure are feeling a great loss on exactly how to feel.

I know that God has done tremendous miracles in the past and He can do it again. At the same time, we know that He has a perfect plan for our lives even if it means suffering. "God, we believe in you and trust you. We can hardly fathom how quickly this cancer has spread. Lord, we cry out on Kristi's behalf who so desperately wants to be home and rock her baby and be a mother to her boys. God, we know GOOD comes out of every trial, so let this sweet family hold on to that. We pray that you will bring an incredible peace to this family and that they will be a light and witness of your greatness!

If you would like to send her an e-mail of encouragement....please send it to and I will forward it on.

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she is in my prayers. There will be praises that we will have to lift up to the Lord on her behalf...I just know it. Keep us informed.