Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lovebugs.: Do and Die

It is Lovebug season and I am tired of them getting in my hair, congregating with the mosquitoes in my backyard, and flying into our house. For some reason, they are in love with our backyard. It keeps Keegan busy chasing them around and yelling, "BEE FLY!" Anything that is a bug and flies is named this....we are working on it! I am ready for their season to end and go back to where they live the other parts of the year when they are not bugging us.

Anyhow, I looked up the love bug to find out how long I will have to deal with them and this is what I found out.

"The adult lovebug feeds on the nectar of flowering plants. Upon reaching maturity the lovebug spends almost the entirety of its life copulating with its mate, hence its numerous romantic nicknames. The male and female attach themselves at the rear of the abdomen and remain that way at all times, even in flight. In fact, after mating, the male dies and is dragged around by the female until she lays her eggs. Females lay up to 350 eggs in debris, and about 20 days later the eggs hatch into larvae. The larvae may live for months before passing into adulthood"

On a funny note, those poor females. Not only are they carrying around 350 eggs...they are carrying around their dead mate. Can a girl get a break...seriously? You know they are cursing Eve with the rest of us. And those males...they never get to learn from their mistakes of being lured into the lovefest.

On a serious note, can you imagine how many people can relate? I am glad my husband actually talks back and listens to me, but I am sure there are some people they could compare their marriage to that of a lovebug. But sometimes I I dead weight my husband carries around? Am I doing my part to keep marriage interesting and not lifeless? Do I conserve enough energy at the end of the day to laugh and have a conversation with my hubby when he gets home from work? Do I listen to his day enough? Do I encourage him? Do I a pray for him enough?

Maybe something to think about....interesting how God can use something so annoying to teach us a life lesson.


Membership Required said...

mmmm. I was in need of a morning devotion. Thanks Sister.

Amanda said...

Girl, why you trying to be all up in my business so early in the morning? Good word! Love you!

Lauren said...

Those are good thoughts. :)

Janelle and Ella said...

This was good! My Genesis Bible study starts tonight and I am going to use this as an illustration when we talk about the Fall! Awesome.