Thursday, September 4, 2008

Food Pantry Fun

Our Sunday school class once a month goes to a food pantry (supported by the church) to load up bags of groceries and give them to families that come in for assistance. We thought it would be such a great experience for Keegan so they came along with us.

Our friends, The Keplers, brought their two boys Billy (the one in green) and Gavin (the one in red). I promise that we did not plan for them to match! :)

Keegan was pretending to take notes and writing down what he saw on the cans. So cute!

I can not wait for our family to experience more things like this as they get older. Even though there were more cans misplaced than being put in the right spot, I hope that God will bless our efforts in raising our children to serve.


Kay Altic said...

that is so fun friend...I can't wait either till we get to do mission stuff as a fam...
Love you

Mary Helen said...

Good way also for kids to learn the meaning helping others. Enjoy looking at the boys pictures. Maybe next time I am in town we can go for our walks. Missed doing that this last trip.
Greetings from Phoenix, AZ
Mary Helen