Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Thoughts in My Head

* My house has been bombarded with flies. I have killed at least 3 and who knows how many Jonathan has killed. I woke up the other night around midnight with Jonathan swatting at our blinds. I thought he was sleep walking and told him to get back in bed. Then I heard the annoying buzz of a fly trapped in between blinds and the reason that my husband could not sleep for 2 hours. How I slept through it...I have no idea. Tylenol PM maybe?

*I went to see Mamma Mia the on Tuesday with a group of ladies from church. I had no idea how fun that movie was going to be. I have to say that I am a little embarrassed for Pierce Brosnan. The guy can not sing...but at least he looked good trying.

*Jack is on day 12 on sleeping 11-12 hours a night. I am knocking on wood right now. He is also trying so very hard to crawl.

*Today we went and visited Granny J. I went upstairs to put get Jack out of bed from his nap and came down to find them both asleep on the floor. So cute. Then I went and visited Linda Sproule today at First Baptist unannounced. It was like I never left. She busted out the bubbles for Keegan and it made him very happy.

*My friend Lesly, had her third boy yesterday. Happy Birthday Ethan! This is her third in less than 4 years. I went and visited her last night and got a little baby fever. It disappeared at 6am this morning. :)

*I just found a new pediatrician out here under the Texas Children's umbrella and Keegan really liked him. Yesterday I got a letter that said that they no longer accept our insurance! UGH! So, now I have to transfer the files....AGAIN...and worst...find a new doc. Almost every doctor out here is under Texas Childrens. Anyone know of a good doc in the northwest part of town?

*My First Baptist friends Bunko starts on MONDAY!!! Oh I am so excited to see all of them again!

*We have a huge whole in our foyer ceiling from a air conditioner leak. You have to love old houses. So does my neighbor, Merry Lynn.

*Really cute pics of Jack coming soon! :)


online lottery said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry about the air conditioner leak!! Tell Jonathan to pour bleach down the drain pan and that's free from the man that lives at my house! Thanks for coming by and seeing me! I miss seeing you and playing with the boys!!


Chalise Stovall said...

HI!!! Thank you for my congrats on the tri!! Love all your new pics. Hope all is well your way (minus the hole =) Been to you soon!!!

Membership Required said...

Oh now you've done it. I have to post my hole on my blog. The whole hole competition. Grin. Oh by the way, I have to mention that I got so excited when I saw the "baby fever" with quick let down with your "6am" statement. wink wink. I got that same letter but luckily we have until March 2009 to find the perfect doctor.
PS remember God created flies. Grin.

EBay said...

Troy and I had a problem with flies a few weeks ago. We killed around 10 of them one night after dinner. Turns out, they came in a Macy's box along with our new china and their environmentally friendly packing "peanuts" which are now made of potato and corn starch. I'm all for being environmentally friendly, but not so much a fan of bringing the environment into my home.

Nancy Mon said...

OK, I can really write, tears are running down my cheeks as I read this, cause you know I am just on the second floor at HFBC or I would have come up there to say Hi.

Sad and Woeful,

No not really upset. I would have loved to see you and the boys, but I know with kids it is all variable. I will see you Monday night!

The Peterson's said...

two comments...

1. our pediatrician is Dr. Seth Kravitz at Kelsey Seybold at Vintage Park- we really like him and came highly recommended from the Collins!

2. If you need someone to fix that hole in your ceiling, let me know. I happen to know a very handy "handy man"- brians dad does construction/re-models/you name the problem, he can fix it.

The Kaufmann Krew said...

We have an air conditioning leak, too! I really hope mine doesnt make a hole in the ceiling!!