Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Keegan's Friend Party

Keegan invited all of his close friends to a nearby park for his birthday. It was so much fun seeing all these toddlers and their moms and thankful that they put up with the hot muggy weather! It was such a blessing to see how Keegan's friends have multiplied in the last year and how God provided each and every one of them!

They were all smiles before I got the camera there. (Doesn't this always happen?) Keegan was not sure he liked that Cade was in control.

Take note of how high Jackson is. :) He's not scared!

The girls, Campbell, Audrey, Kyla and Kyrsten enjoying one of Keegan's favorite snacks, rice krispy treats.

And I thought girls would not like trucks as a party favor! Miss Audrey proved me wrong!

Twins Kyle and Krysten. They look like mirror images here!

Keegan impressed us with his new vocabulary word, "MINE!!" He was not sure if he liked his friends playing with HIS new toys. Where do they learn that anyway?


Amanda said...

I wish I had a picture for you of Jackson removing the ribbons from the party favors. He was dead set on removing the disgrace from the trucks. We loved getting to celebrate with y'all this year!

A is for Audrey said...

so cute! i've been waiting for this post. we had fun!

Kay Altic said...

So fun friend...Can't believe Keegs is 2...can't wait to see you at Bunko...love you

Tara Powell said...

oh...."mine" started yesterday! Where do they learn that?

Stacie said...

It looks like you all had so much fun! I wish we could of been there! :( Don't worry about the "mine" thing, Jake has been saying it for 2 months now! You learn that word a lot earlier when you have an older sister! Hope to see you soon!!