Monday, June 9, 2008

Cousin Comotion

This past week, I loaded up the boys and drove up to Mansfield. I had to prove to myself that I could take on this challenge. With people praying for my journey, I made it there without any crying (including myself), no stopping, and in 3 1/2 hours. :)

During the school year my mom takes care of my brother Matt's daughter, Jacey, and I thought it would be fun for Keegan and Jack to spend a few days with her. After the week was over, mom and I vowed that we would never open a day care. I mean don't get me wrong, "three was enough company". We had to work around three nap times, so we had people over, and got creative with things around the house. I am pretty sure we listened to the same cd over 100 times because every time it got silent, one of them requested it..again. We ran in and out of the sprinkler, splashed in the pool, blew bubbles, screamed (the tods did), they egged each other on to use the word "no" as much as possible, had tons of mandarin oranges, played in the sandbox, they fought over toys, played footsies while eating lunch, went "night night" on the treadmill, hugged each other a lot, and we listened to the constant hum of three monitors. (one of which Jacey dunked in the kiddie pool.)

I was able to see Kristin and Janelle, my college roommates, and their daughters Laney and Ella. (that is worded strange...but you know what I mean) I am surprised that I have no pics to show for it. Also, my best friend from high school, Cari, came and spent the day and night with us and laughed hysterically at the Price is Right million dollar show where the toddler teacher won. Anyone see that? There were many enjoyable contestants on that show. (maybe a post to come) Among that, family came over intermittently and visited. We had a full week, but worth every second, and every minute of sleep lost! :) (Jack decided to get up ALOT this week...grrrr!)
All three of them knew...this was just not right. Poor Jack. Although Keegan has plenty of pictures in that pink hat as well, but I will be nice and not post them.

Keegan and Jack playing footsies. (they love it!)

This is my favorite Jacey face. She cracks me up!

Mom made Jack laugh...a lot. Of course, it does not take much because he loves to laugh.

The "cousin hug" from both angles. Everyone all together now..."ahhhhhhhh".


Amanda said...

I'm so glad the travel was easy! Big, huge PTL!

Courtney said...

so glad you had a good time and the traveling was not bad. we are taking a trip to san antonio soon with the twins. i hope we have as much luck as you!

Lauren said...

Oh man! Sounds like a busy but fun week!

Noah also started waking up during the night a few weeks ago. I had finally had enough and we had a cry-it-out standoff a few days ago. I won. He slept from 8 till 6 last night. VICTORY IS SWEET.

Jana said...

Hey Michelle! I have been reading your blog for a while now.I enjoy reading all your stories and seeing pictures of your precious boys :) Some of your mommy stories just crack me up!

Janelle & Ella said...

It was SO great seeing you!!! I loved that we got to sit and just talk for a few hours. It was much needed.
The pictures of the cousins are adorable!! I was cracking up at Jack with the pink hat on. :-)

Kay Altic said...

So fun that you got to hang with your it for you friend...hope that you are having a good you

Melissa said...

What great post!! I am sure you liked this one better than bra shopping.....
Have a great summer!

leigh & laura said...

Adorable!! Jacey is so pretty!