Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Festivities

Friday Jonathan got off work early and I convinced him to go the mall while I shopped for a new bra. I thought it would be easy and VS just came out with a new biofit bra that I thought would work for me. Well...let's just say that the girls are just not the same and I am convinced they went into shock after Jack was born. I tried several on and without going into any detail, they just did not work. So we went to Dillards and found a ugly one that worked. I had to return it this week because I felt "old" in it.

Saturday, we went to the Sanders house, because Jonathan's twin sisters were moving into their swanky loft and his help was enlisted. The boys and I went along for a change of scenery and I watched all these cool items being packed into the van and was wanting to redecorate my whole house. Having a mom as a interior designer pays off! It also pays off to have a mother-n-law as one as well.

Sunday, we played hookie from church. I actually woke up with what I thought was a mean cold coming on and it disappeared after a short nap. We decided to go across town to the town and country mall and look for another bra. Can I just say that my husband is awesome spending half of his weekend bra shopping? We get there at eleven only to find out they open at noon. I guess it is a good thing I don't know that. We jetted down to this park, Keegan and Jonathan had play time, and Jack sat in my lap as I prayed and had my own little church service. We then went to Einstein Bagels and felt like big heathens when church was let out and all the churchy dressed people came to eat. Around the corner was Gap Body and I find what I thought was the perfect bra for me. In fact I bought two. I wore one yesterday and the underwire is killing me. DERN! I wish I could take the worn one back. I am still searching people...and I won't give up until the girls are happy.

Monday, we were resting from the crazy weekend and Amanda calls with a great idea to get together. Keegan and Jackson played in the pool and had lots of fun with plastic cups. Forget water toys...all you need is a cup! Then Jackson got into the sandbox. Nice and gritty was he! Aunt Fitine came over later and provided endless entertainment with the ball popper's air and attacking them in our tent. It was a perfect ending to a crazy weekend.


Anonymous said...

A first. . . Jonathan taking you 'bra' shopping. . .never thought I would ever read that! lol

Yay for friends!


christine m said...

so first, try SOMA... they have great bras. i know that you and i are very different in this area, however it might be worth a shot! they have pretty ones, and comfy ones..

second, my favorite part about this post is in the second picture, you can see curt in the background showing/explaining what is up with his tooth! too funny!

it was sure fun and i cant wait for the next one!

christine -aka- aunt fitine

Janelle & Ella said...

What a fun day it looks like!! Wish I was there. Jackson is a fun baby to swim with. I'm sure him and Keegan had a great time.

Nancy Mon said...

I am going through the same selection process on these items that you mention. As Megan and Erin used to call them, girl holders, my usual girl holder has changed design somewhat and I don't like it a bit.

Of course like Christine, you and I opposites. I am not daunted in my search for the perfect girl holder for me.

I have loved your posts in the past few weeks. Thanks for being real and sharing. God is using it and thanks for the encouragement.

Amanda said...

Oh, I love those pics! What a fun day. Let me know when you find the perfect bra. I am always on the lookout.

The Self Cottage said...

that's hilarious bc Ava and her friend Olive played in the pool today too and they played with cups as well...lesson learned: don't spend $$ on toys. Oh and when you find the perfect bra please share with girls will never be the same...dern! Love u