Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nuthin' Surprises You at the Rodeo

Last year, the gals, Christine, Kay, Amanda and myself, waded through the rainstorm in our cute country attire to see Rascall Flatts, aka, "Flascall Rats", only to find out that the lead singer had laryngitis and was unable to perform. We were then sorely disappointed with the replacement of Jack Ingram, another nobody,and Clint Black. To top it off it was my birthday and a little bit of a bummer.

Jonathan has tons of luck in his office winning drawings and winning competitions. So, he decided to put our name in the hat for 4 tickets to see Rascall Flatts and ended up scoring on those too! Since he won them, it was strongly encouraged that he needed to go (since they were hot tickets) and so we coupled up with Christine and Zach to go to the RODEO! (Ladies, next year....we are back on!)

Some observations of this years rodeo:
*If you get a free parking pass for the yellow lot, kindly say, thanks but no thanks, because it is million miles away from the arena. Christine's feet agree, but heck...it is good way to break in those boots.

*The people. It does not matter who you are or what you wear, the rodeo will gladly accept you. (others may not).

-The people who try to hard:
I am guessing that for Rascall Flatts you don't get all the hoochie's like Pat Green might aquire, but for goodness sakes...there were tons of Jessica Simpson wanna bees in the daisy dukes and tied up white shirts. Also, upon entering the arena, there were ladies serving up beer whose cleavage looked like their bottom (kid-friendly word) was on their chest. Disgusting.

-The people who don't try at all:
On the other end of the spectrum, you had the "way back in the sticks" people. I am not sure I have ever seen a family like we witnessed walking in front of us in person. (maybe only on wife swap). I laughed so hard that I cried and I could barely walk straight. Another woman was in front of them that was a really tall, big boned woman that had this gigantic green knit poncho on, tall black boots and from behind looked a little bit, as Zach coined this term, "Shreck in Boots".

-The people who need to get a room:
As the concert was going, the "slow dance" song came on and a couple in front of us stood up and started dancing and almost making out for all of us to witness. We think maybe he proposed because she was crying, but no one seemed to care because they were blocking our view to the show we were really there to see.

-The people that look and act like their teenagers:
Our first encounter was this mom with her two teen daughters. She had a gold sequin shirt on with a short blue jean skirt and ug boots. It was hard for us us to tell who was the mom.
The second encounter was the beloved drunk mother in the parking lot who was asking other teen boys (in other cars) if they were "good" and getting their phone numbers for her teen daughter and friends. All the while, the husband was driving not caring a bit while the purity of these girls was tainted and his wife was making a complete fool of herself.

*Lastly, my final observation. When you decide to be apart of the calf scramble, wear some sturdy jeans. This calf ripped two young ladies jeans in very inappropriate places and was blasted on the jumbotron. Bless their hearts!

Blackmail picture #1

Blakckmail picture #2 (I am sending this on into KISS, in case they ever need a replacement.)

The cute pic (minus the black eye)

Zach vicariously living through the bull rider and Jonathan laughing at their misfortune. (totally posed pic of course)

Our tired feet.

The poor girl who held her own with the ripped jeans.

Finally, we were able to be blessed by the Flatts!


Anonymous said...

A couple of things I would like to add....

1. Thanks for the picture post! I hope I get a call from Kiss!

2. We did not see Clint Black...He would have been worth it. Instead, that no name Michelle is speaking of is Clay Walker!

3. Oh, my friends, if you could have only seen Shreck in Boots! It was also worth the walk to the car!

We sure had a good time! Thanks Sanders (and McDonalds) for the tickets and the Big Macs....Till next year Rodeo.

Amanda said...

Yeah! I'm so glad y'all had a fun time! Okay, how sad it is that you were able to link to me and Kay, but not Christine? Christine! Hello! Get a blog, sister! Oh, and bless those girls' hearts who had their jeans ripped in the calf scramble. Dern. Very clever post, girlie!

Janelle & Ella said...

This is a fun post! Your poor eye!! I'm so glad you had an amazing birthday!!!!

A is for Audrey said...

i am watching 2 kids right now, and they are both sleeping PTL, so I must hurry before the tornado hits (there's actually a tornado warning, but you know what i mean)...

okay, total mental picture of the "ars" b**bs and the shrek in boots lady. so funny!

i also noticed lots of teen wanna-be moms...so sad. their poor daughters.

love the kiss pic.

and love you!


Tara said...

SOOO jealous. Matt and I made that rainy trek last year also, only to see a bummer of a concert. Matt and I really wanted to go this year but having a 3 week old really through a kink in things. Anyway, I can't believe you still have a black eye!

Melissa said...

Great story and photo's. Your eye, bless your heart..it's looking better!

Nancy Mon said...

Wait a minute...do you think this was the same couple from the Astros game that was in front of you at the rodeo? If not, y'all just seemt to attract these kind of people. :)

I agree with Amanda...Christine...get a blog. I would even comment and not lurk like some we know.

lowerys said...

ah, people watching. i just don't think it will ever get old! :)

Anonymous said...

Jack Ingram and Clay Walker are "no-names". Hahaha! that's funny, coming from a part-time wedding singer...
If everyones lyrics could be as inspiring and deep as Rascal Flats the world would be a much sappier, uh, happier place!


The Sanders House said...
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The Sanders House said...

to clarify, i was not calling clint black or jack ingram "no names"...there was some other dude that sang that was obviously not good enough to remember.

if you are going to send a comment like this, be bold enough to tell me who you are.