Sunday, March 16, 2008

Life Happens Fast

How does a year come and go so fast? Last weekend we went to Mansfield and celebrated my niece Jacey's 1st Birthday. It seems like yesterday that she was born and Keegan was still crawling and in his adorable helmet.

Fast forward a year...

Jacey REALLY enjoyed her cake. She is a big girl walking around, carrying around her baby doll and eating whole grilled cheese sandwiches. Although she has only two teeth, she somehow can pack it in!

Keegan learned the art of football from his new friend Nolan.

and oh yes...let's not forget Jack. wow... A LOT can happen a year.
(Jack with his G-Bob and Great Jack)


Amber said...

no way is jacey ONE! wow! she is so cute! and Jack is getting so be as well! Michelle we miss you...hopefully after the baby comes we can come to Houston! miss you friend!

KELLY said...

Life happens way too fast when you are raising kids. Today, my little boy (okay, Chase is 16 years old) started a paying job! Yikes! As if driving was not enough of a shock! LOL