Monday, March 5, 2007

Sweet Dreams

I am happy to report this morning that after 1 1/2 bad nights of sleep, Keegan has learned to sleep a little better. He is still whimpering in the middle of the night some, and still cries a little when put down, but we woke up this morning getting a full night of sleep for the second night in a row! Praise Jesus! I am sure he will only get better.

I slept so well last night that I dreamed that Amanda Jones and I were at American Idol try-outs and we both made it to the second round. The judges loved us! I am not sure what she sang because I was searching for her for almost the entire time. When we were finally reunited, she was jumping up and down because she was not going home. In my audition I sang "Shout to the Lord" because it was the only song that I could remember the words to at the time. (Yes, I can't seem to come up with the words in my dream either.) The funny thing was that I was in the long white dress and I had long pulled up hair with a glowing tan. I looked sensational...for just a try-out. Randy was singing along and Paula stood up and clapped at the end of the performance. Then I heard Jonathan say..."You want to feed Keegan?". Short lived fame. Only in a dream.


Vernon & Amber said...

michelle...Amazing! that was so funny! amen to keegs sleep! love you so much and miss you!

Janelle & Ella said...

Yeah for Keegan sleeping through the night!!! Ella has now slept through the night for 2 weeks straight! It's amazing! And that is one of the funniest dreams I have ever heard!

Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

Way to go, Keegan! Sleep on, brother.

Michelle, that is out of control! You know I cannot sing one bit, and I too had a dream about myself being on American Idol. What is God telling me? That I shouldn't have quit jr. high choir?

I bet you did look simply sensational. I wish I could have seen Paula clapping for you. My favorite part is how Jonathan woke you up in your moment of glory.