Thursday, March 1, 2007

Wanted: Earplugs

We are starting all over tonight with the "cry it out" program with Keegan. Can I just tell you that I hate this method? I know it works, but my poor little boy gets so upset that we have left him in his crib by himself. We have really done him a disservice the in the last couple of months. We started out strong and then over time we gave in. We go into his room at least 2 times a night putting his pacee back in his mouth and his lamb (a.k.a. lovie) back into his arms. That did not bother us too much until recently. Now when we put him in his bed he cries so hard that it forces us to pick him up and rock him. 7pm bedtime became a 10pm bedtime last night. My mother says that he can now command us to get what he wants. So after a really hard night last night, we have adopted once again the "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" philosophy. I am not sure that it equals happy parents, but maybe if we stick to it, we will be become that way.

As I am writing this, I decide to go check on him. He cried for 25 minutes then asleep for 30. This is a start. So, as I am cracking open his door, which squeaks now, and the phone rings. Immediately he starts crying. I answer the phone and it is a mom of one of our 6th graders. She asks, "Sorry for calling so late, did I wake the baby?" Holding back the aggravation, I lied and said "no". Not that it is her fault, but just bad timing. We talk on the phone for a while and he is screaming from the other room. I do most of the talking so that she does not hear him. I would hate for her to feel bad, especially after I lied. I was able to tune him out and by the time I got off the phone...silence. Yeah!! Keegan fell asleep on his own. I am proud of him. So will we make it though the night without giving in? I might need to find some earplugs.


Janelle & Ella said...

Good job Michelle! I got to the point of desperation and did the cry out thing to Ella just last week. She cried for 40 minutes the first night. But she has slept perfectly through the night without crying once since then! It was amazing how well it worked! I was very skeptical going into it, but wow, why didn't I do that a long time ago. Hope last night was better!

Sunni said...

Michelle--you are doing the right thing! Keegan will benefit from having to learn to soothe himself! And y'all will benefit from peaceful nights too! Everytime Ava has cried it out and it's torn me up listening to her cries...I always say to myself "you know that Ava needs sleep and you're helping her reach that're meeting her needs." Anyway...yea, Keegan!

courtney said...

DON'T GIVE IN!! It is awful, but if you stick to it, he should only take a week or so to figure it out. I learned that I have to teach Moriah everything - including how to sleep at night and nap during the day. You'll be happier soon!