Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Keegan's World

Keegan turned 7 months yesterday and in the past two weeks his little personality has really sprouted! He is full of energy and living up to his name which means "fiery"!
* He has now learned how to roll from his back to his tummy and he has already accomplished the tummy to back trick. In fact, he absolutely despises laying on his tummy, so he learned how to figure that out fast. Everyday he is doing it more and more, and I am finding him in new spots in our living room. His favorite spot is under the coffee table, which is funny just seeing his feet.
* He is easily occupied by all the new sounds he can make. Ba ba ba ma ma ma! I am claiming the ma ma ma ma as his first words! If he ever wants something he "mmmmmms". He loves to buzz his lips and tongue, which is accompanied by lots of spit. Screaming for fun happens a lot too...I think he is getting acquainted with his voice! We are working on his vocal cords for his singing career. American Idol, here we come!
* We have our first tooth breaking through and his shirt always is soaked. The poor guy has so much saliva pooling around his neck at all times of the day. I don't think he has enjoyed the new present in his mouth so much.
*We love to tear up magazines and play with the remote control. He chooses that remote control over every toy in the room. I get to watch lots of channels throughout the day!
*He walks backward and not forward in his walker.
*He is a whopping 21 pounds and to me he seems huge! He has gained 15 pounds since he was born. I love my little monster.


Amanda and Jackson said...

That TV is so fun! Boys and their remotes...they start young, don't they?

Janelle said...

Don't you just love all those baby noises they make?!! Keegan, you still look cute as can be in that helmet! Can't wait to see you guys on Friday!!!!!!!

Pwood said...

Keegan is just too cute. I can tell you and Jonathan are having so much fun! Wow, I can't believe it as already been 7 months, soon 1 year will be here!

Sunni said...

Oh my goodness...that picture of Keegan sleeping & "kissing" the lamb is off the charts precious! Good to see you yesterday!

amberburger said...

michelle! i cant tell you how many people i have told about Keegan..i think about him and his fun little personality all the time.. you are so blessed! I miss yall already!