Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Valentine

You come to find many things about your husband that you love even after you are married. You come to understand them inside and out. Quirks and all. Here are just a few things that you should know about my valentine, Jonathan.
*sneezes when he goes out into the sun.
*gets us at 4:30 every morning because he loves running THAT much.
*would eat yogurt for every meal if he could.
*loves cheese on everything.
*despises carrots.
*loves reading books...on the toilet.
*is a creature of habit. He has the same routine every night before he goes to bed. It is like rewinding a video and watching it over and over and over.
*washes the windshield every time he gets gas.
*loves tea with 2 splendas in it.
*eats a turkey sandwich, string cheese, baked lays and a bananna every day for lunch.
*uses a map everytime he goes out of town even if has been there a billion times. (not that he has direction issues, but just likes maps)
*hardly ever gets sick.
*is his dad. You would never know he was adopted.
*cries when he watches Extreme Makeover (I know he will want me to delete this when he reads this!)
*has big feet and toes. (keegan has them too!)
*is half-way color-blind.
*needs cave time. (a.k.a. alone time.)
*loses his contact in the back of his eye at least once every week.
*has an obsession with checking the mail.
*loves frisbee golf, bike riding, golfing and hunting.
*wears his Converse that he had in high school.
*wears the same sunglasses he had in high school.
*won awards in high school for spanish. He still has a whole poem memorized, but refuses to recite to anyone who speaks spanish.
*taps the side of the pepper and salt shaker instead of shaking them.
*his hair is a fro without all that gel.
*gets excited when he hears a Willie Nelson song. Then he proceeds to quiz me on all types of music..."Who is singing this?"....just because he knows he will win.
*likes to make lists.
*sings "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban like he is giving a concert.
*sings the Texas A&M fight song to Keegan when he changes his diaper.
*has a drive to serve. He takes care of me even when he is tired. He does things for me even when I don't ask.
*loves Keegan so much. He is an incredible father and will be consistent.
*is Godly and always gives good advice, even when I don't like it.
*is perfect for me in every way.


jerrell altic said...

michelle that is a great word of encouragement...

Matt and Jenifer Winn said...

Haha wow! I wish he was my valentine! Not really, I enjoy normal people for my valentines.

Janelle & Ella said...

Very sweet!!! Oh my gosh...I love maps too! I've never meant another map lover. It's highly made fun of in our house. That's one reason Heath bought my new car with a navigation system! hehe
Y'all are so cute!

Amanda and Jackson said...

I love that Jonathan sings the War Hymn when he changes Keegan's diaper.