Monday, February 5, 2007

Girl's Retreat Highlights

I will never be able to describe to you in a blog how INCREDIBLE this girls retreat turned out to be. God is sooo good. God knew that this retreat needed to focus on identity, for not only the girls but the women too! Wow..I cried the most through this weekend than the last year all together. The Lord is so sweet to us! Our human efforts would have fallen short if it would not have been for the Lord! Here are some highlights!
We had a disco colorful theme! (Christine planned the stage decor)

140 women and girls played bunko on Friday night. Crazy...but the girls loved it!

The senior girls put together fun skits for the weekend. In this particular skit, they rollar-skated into the ballroom to "The Conga" and had everyone "conga" around the room!

Saturday morning we had a creative quiet time. This was the best part of the entire weekend. Sabrina is writing scripture on index cards... she then put them on a ring to keep them all.

We set up mirrors around the room for the girls to write on it things that they did not like about themselves. We then had them write scripture on top of it. So powerful!

Another station was set up for them to paint in their quiet time.

Here are some the paintings from that morning. Beautiful!

Amber played the "Lord, I Praise You" song and had girls come on the stage to be the choir. So much fun!!! What was funny about this, was that there was a gospel convention going on the same time as our retreat. They played out on the foyer and we had church all day on Saturday. So, Amber felt like we needed to match it. If you listen to the song you can envision this.

Lastly, we had different activities on Saturday afternoon they could choose from. They could learn a hip-hop dance, scrapbook, learn how to make a hot and cold coffee drink, or make a tie-dye pillow case.

Jennifer Durham, Natalie West, Amber Burger and Jane Ann Bridgewater (on video) spoke at this retreat. Everything that came from their lips was exactly what the girls needed to hear. You can look at more pictures on our smugmug site. Thank you for praying!


Janelle said...

Yea Michelle!! I am so happy that everything was amazing!!! What a joy and a relief! I'm so glad!

Amanda and Jackson said...

Job well done, sister! Your post was so good I feel like I was there. Praise God for everything He did! I heard we get to hang out this Friday. Yay! I can't wait to visit!

Joshua Murrell said...

I loved reading about the retreat! It sounds like a huge success and I know that it made an impact on the girls.