Saturday, January 20, 2007

Girls Retreat in Two Weeks!

I can not believe that it is almost here! So much prayer, thought, and planning has taken place and we are about to see it unfold! Last year was simply amazing and I can not wait to see what the Lord does with adults and girls. We are talking about identity and I think that it was for me and for the girls! It is funny how the Lord walks you through your struggle in order to reach girls! Becoming a mom for sure rocks your world! Such a different life than before. I completely went through a "WHO AM I...and what happened to Michelle???" stage!

Preparing for this girls retreat has been a huge process for me. I am not sure what I was thinking 9 months ago when I signed on to this task. Of course, Keegan had not entered the world and I thought raising a baby was going to be so relaxing! HA! Was I wrong. So to say the least, planning this retreat was not at all easy, but God has brought be through it. My check off list has shrunk and I see the end in sight. In two weeks, I will be finally a full-time mom. I love that idea. LOVE IT! God is confirming for me more than ever that I could not have done ministry part time.

Please join me in praying for this retreat and that the girls sign up!


amberburger said...

Michelle, I CANT WAIT! i am getting so excited! you have done an amazing job planning this! Thanks so much for including me! You are so sweet! love you!

Jackson said...

It's gonna be awesome!

Janelle said...

You are cracking me up! All new moms have that epiphany that, wow taking care of baby is hard work and wow I don't have anytime for anything else but care and love on this sweet baby. It is going to be so great!!!!