Monday, January 29, 2007

We are on the count down!

That is right...4 more days and girls retreat is here. We have 136 (ish) women and girls coming to this retreat! Isn't it exciting!!!! I was so scared that girls were not going to sign up and now we are in over abundance! Praise God! I am starting to get to that can't sleep stage. I get this before every big event that I am in charge of. My brain kicks into over-drive and I stare in the dark going over my to-do list a million times. I ask myself, "What am I forgetting?" and even keep a pad of paper by the bed to jot things down. My poor husband keeps telling others that we are eating and breathing girls retreat at our house. Poor guy. He get's sucked into everything and I know he is ready for it to be here. This week Mae (Jonathan's sis) and Janet (Jonathan's mom) are splitting the week up taking care of Keegan so I can be at the church all day doing last minute things. It is so hard leaving in the morning and all day I wonder what Keeg's is up to. This weekend will be the first time for me to spend the night away from him. I hate it...but as CM puts is good for me. (big sigh)

I know that there are million things happening in everyone's world, but if you think about it, pray for this girls retreat. Satan was on overdrive last week and I felt pounded to the ground. He is so crafty and deceiving. I barely saw him because he was THAT sneaky. I know that God has incredible things in store by witnessing the spiritual warfare that surrounds this event. God was so good to me because He brought me clarity... so that that I could separate things that were not of Him but instead were of the enemy. He is so faithful to me and He helped me see the truth. God is good. God defeats evil. God rises to the occasion. (always)

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Janelle said...

This weekend is going to be amazing!! I will definitely be praying! It was so good talking to you last night! I can't wait to see in you in a week and a half!