Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy Meals, Poop, Guitar Hero and More!

Since there are so many things to write about, I am going to take Amanda's approach and make a list.

1. Tuesday: First off I will start with the good news! :) JONATHAN GOT A NEW JOB!! To all of you Dallas people, the job is in Houston. (Dern..I know) However, He got a job with McDonalds. He will be a real estate manager for them and he is beside himself about this opportunity. He has finally broken free from the property tax world and an office of one (himself)! We thought there might be free Happy Meals for life...but you don't get discounts on the food. Oh well...we are still very excited. Happy Husband = Happy Wife.

2. Thursday: We got to experience Keegan's first bout with fever. He got his very first cold from the nursery on Sunday morning and it reared its ugly head on Thursday. Then, Mommy caught the cold and had a fever that night. I have to say that motherhood teaches you alot about not being selfish. It is amazing how God gives you the strength to make it through.

3. Both fevers starts getting better until that very next morning....

4. Friday: What I am about to write about is my favorite experience this week. (not really) I went to take Keegan's leg out of his pajamas and instead of getting a hold of his leg...that's right...I got a LOT of poop! Up until this point, changing his diaper was one of my favorite times with him because he is so funny on the changing table. This ruined it for me. The poop was everywhere! Up his back, on his leg, his foot, down his pant leg, EVERYWHERE!! The worst was he likes to reach for his feet and put them in his mouth. With poop all on my hands it was a slimy mess but I intercepted his feet and it never made it to his mouth. I think I would have died and thrown up everywhere. Half the wipes were empty when I was finished, and then we went straight for the bathtub! Jonathan was still asleep and he woke up with me scurrying to get the bathtub out. I said, "HE POOPED EVERYWHERE!" He laughed and called his parents to tell them it finally happened. I am still confused on why he was waiting for this to happen but I guess in the "guy" world it is a milestone in becoming a man!

5. That evening, Keegan started crying in the middle of the night. I walked in and his eyes were not open. I go back to bed because I think he is dreaming. He keeps on crying, so I look again, and his eyes are sealed shut with yellow goo. It was the sadest thing I have ever seen. We find out the next morning that he as pink eye. Isn't that fun?

6. Saturday: My parents and I teamed up to get Jonathan an early birthday gift. We bought him a playstation and guitar hero game. (which by the way is THE COOLEST game) We have made a monster! He is so addicted to it, that we might need an intervention.

7. Sunday: Jonathan ran the half-marathon this morning. I am so proud of him. He has run marathons for the last two years, but with Keegan, the training could not get in. 13 miles is still ALOT! GOOD JOB JONATHAN! Keegan and I could not see him finish or cheer him on because we were too snotty and did not feel good. So I did not get to take a picture. (just imagine him crossing the finish line)

8. My parents came in on Friday night to escape all the bad weather in Dallas, so they can come to Keegan's baby dedication which is right now as we speak. Unfortunately, I could not have Keegan sneezing and coughing (or myself for that matter) on all the other babies, so here we are still at home. My dad went back home and my sweet mom is staying this week. Keeegan might be a year old before he is dedicated!

So anyway, there you have it! Some victories and challenges...but we made it!


Janelle said...

So many things:
1. Congratulations again on Jonathan's job. However, I will remain to hold on to the hope that he will be transfered to Dallas!
2. I can not believe that Keegan just had his first poo blowout! You are very lucky! Ella has had many and has actually tasted her own poo before I could stop it from happening!
3. Pink eye!! That is so sad! How did you get his eyes to open back up?
4. Hope you guys are feeling better!!!
5. I love you!

Tammie said...

Oh My Goodness! This made me laugh out loud Michelle! I remember the poop times all too well. :)
Sometime if we get the chance (since I NEVER see you), remind me to tell you Savannah's "poop" story. It was AWFUL!!

Love you friend.

Amanda said...

Congrats, Jonathan! I'm sad y'all aren't coming up here. But what can you do. Jackson had this one really bad poop inside a fleece coverall outfit. It was all smooshed up inside it and all over his body. So very gross.