Thursday, September 29, 2011

"The Help" Helped

I think sometimes the Lord uses strange things to get our attention. I just finished reading "The Help" and it won me over in many ways. I loved it. The movie was great too. However,  the one thing that hit home for me was Aibileen encouragement to Mae Mobley because she was not getting it from her mother.

"You is kind. You is smart. You is important." You can watch it here. Does that just not melt your heart?

After reading this and watching it I decided that I am going to put this into practice every morning and every night. Looking right into Miss D's eyes I tell her the same thing, plus how beautiful she is, special she is to us and that God loves her and cares for her. Tonight after I was finished she said, "AGAIN!".

It struck me this past weekend that I have not been building her up enough. What I do for her in her third year of life could define who she is as a person. I would hate to think that I never made time for encouragement but always made room for correction.

I hope that this time for us will bond our hearts, help me love her more, and make her feel valuable.
I can only imagine the hurt and confusion in her heart...Lord, may these words be balm to her spirit and heart.

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