Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome Preslee Mariah

I am so excited to announce that my friends Christine and Zach welcomed their first child, Preslee Mariah. There are really no words to describe how cool it is to see them hold this little girl and to know that God has divinely linked them together. To know that He has orchestrated this adoption from the beginning of time is so special.

God has been so faithful to provide for them financially and we sold over 180 shirts to help out! We shipped out the remaining shirts the day she was born! How is that for timing! God is so into the details.

My friends have inspired me through their perseverance and patience in this process. I have learned so much by watching them and love them even more now.

Welcome Preslee....I love you!

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Membership Required said...

Oh is she yummy or what! Congratulations Auntie shelle as I am sure you will be called. Congrats to the new family at last!