Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grave Digger

Monster Trucks. I never thought that I would be excited about them, but look...I am standing proudly in front of one with my family. It all started when my friend Amanda's son Jackson gave Keegan his monster trucks for his second birthday. He loved those things and yes, we still play with them. The yellow one is the only one that still has all wheels. When we visit Mansfield, my dad always has Monster Truck Rallies on dvr for their morning amusement while drinking milk and coffee.  That show has infiltrated our lives with verbage such as "Grave Digger", "Medusa", "Backwards Bob" and of course, "Batman".  In January, the boys on my side of the family loaded up and went to see a Monster Truck Rally in Houston. Keegan was annoyed at how loud it was, but his smile when came home said, "That was awesome!"

Knowing how amused my children are about Monster Trucks, my neighbor Merry Lynn lets us know that a monster truck by the name of "uh..I think it is Saturday Death" will be at their Easter Egg hunt the day before Easter. She laughed thinking that it was really weird/funny that that would be there, but maybe the name fit.  So, we ventured out to her church and from afar Keegan yells, "GRAVE DIGGER!!!". This is serious business yall.  Yes, "Saturday Death" was actually "Grave Digger", one of the most famous Monster Trucks. It was a little strange to have it in the church parking lot, hey, if it can get that crowd to church...DO IT! (The Lutherans have no shame!) I found a man who had a gigantic camera to take our picture and sweetly said, "Can you e-mail this to us...we LOVE monster trucks." Did I really say that...yes.

I am telling you, this is one huge truck. I was almost giddy about it because my kids were giddy. They got a signed autograph and everything from the actual driver.  Now that is cool.  Being a boy mom can be fun...I just have to let my pride go a little and forget what a dork I am just to see smiles on their faces.


Amanda said...

You need to frame that in Keegan's room! I'm so glad the boys share Jackson's love for Monster Trucks. And I'm still laughing about the Lutherans having no shame. So funny.

Membership Required said...

I have to tell you I laughed so hard at this post. Especially the Lutheran comment. Glad you came and "rolled" with us Lutherans for a bit. Sorry we didnt connect that day. Hopefully Keegan's grandpa liked his mail candy from his partner in Monster Trucks. You are a great boy mama but I am still holding out for you to get a girl. Grin.