Monday, October 6, 2008

My Keegan

Today is Keegan's 27th mirthday! Sometimes I look at him and think..."You were just 5 pds. 11 oz. yesterday!" He is such a little grown up now, or at least he thinks he is.
Here are some of his stats...
*Keegan knows all his capital letters and a few numbers (1, 2, 4, 8, 9).
*He loves his monster trucks right now. (Mister Jackson, you know how to give good gifts!)
*He labels everything as "mine". When I kiss his cheek, he screams.."NO! My Cheek" When Jack is playing with anything, it is always "MINE!!!!". I am not sure Jack has anything that belongs to him at this point. One day, Jack is going to have some fighting words of his own.
*Keegan is obsessed with the movie Cars and says, "KA-CHOW" all the time.
*He is noticing all different things. He looked at his wrist today on our daily walk and says, "Mommy...Color...Draw." I could not figure out what he was saying for the longest time, until I noticed him tracing his veins with his finger.
*He knows exactly which direction "home" is. We were outside our neighborhood running errands and we passed the entrance off the highway that gets us home to run another errand. He screams from the backseat, "NO, Mommy...HOME!!!!"
*Keegs loves to crawl on the ground and yell for Jack to follow him. They both laugh so hard, it is good for my soul those few moments back the the "M" word. (mine)
*It is never a good idea to watch the Elmo's world segment on "up and down" while he is sitting on my bed. (and at the same time his favorite book being "Five Little Monkeys") Some good things together make a bad combination.
*He loves to break dance to songs. (Thanks to Mister Billy!)
*Lately, his has been waking up at 5:30. Uggggh.
*He loves to watch people playing violin on TV. One day he came in (without zero prompting) with his guitar and plastic golf club for his musical debut.
*He never lets you back out of the driveway without your seat belt on.
*Keegan's favorite word right now is "almost". It cracks me up mainly because it is used in the right context.
*He is obsessed with going to McDonalds for fries. He is also in love with going to church. (which makes me happy!)
*He LOVES his daddy. (more than me) But that is okay.

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