Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby Food Fight

He won! All carrots on self instead of in mouth. He thinks he is so funny. One day he will eat solid day! Thanks to all who have given me advice on this. I think ultimately he has a texture aversion. Let's just say the apple does not fall very far from the tree. (referring to me!) We go to the doc next Friday, so hopefully we can get moving on this eating issue!


wearetheramseys said...

Just wanted to say hi, Michelle! I love reading your blog and learning what's new with you and your fam. I love this pic too! -Liz

Membership Required said...

Oh Jack Jack! I would say at this point skip the puree's and start dabbling with soft table foods. Open up a can of green beans one night for dinner, warm and give him some that have cooled. That way he can feed himself. I also do carrots that I steam on the stove. Travis is really starting to like the feed myself routine. I would also maybe not give him a bottle right before you are going to have him eat. He might not eat if he has milk first.

Anonymous said...

Can you mix a jar of food with his bottle so he get use to the flavor of the food before attacking the texture issue? just a thought!

Amanda said...

I think you need to share some of your texture aversion stories.

Anonymous said...

That pic of Jack Jack is hilarious! It could be that he doesn't like textures - imagine that!

Miss seeing you!