Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jack-9 months

My Jack is growing up so fast! I barely can remember the last 9 months! He is an amazing little man with an amazing smile. He warms my heart and I don't remember life with out him. Here are a few things about Jack...

*He has the best gummy smile....which means no teeth. But I am waiting any day for them to make their grand entrance.
*He is a great sleeper. He sleeps 12 1/2 hours every night, and I love waking him up in the morning because he is all snuggled up with his blanket.
*He started crawling around 7 1/2 months and now he is standing holding on to furniture.
*Jack still does not eat baby food or solid food. The only thing he tolerates "sometimes" are puffs. We have our appointment soon and hopefully they can give me ideas on how to get him to eat. (anyone have any more advice??)
*Jack loves any kind of strap can get his mouth on!
*He loves his mom, so much so, that he hates when other people besides me hold him. I love this...most of the time. :) (especially when daddy is Keegan's favorite)
*Jack loves his brother. Oh my goodness....he thinks that he is so funny even when Keegan takes all his toys from him. He doesn't really care, but I know he trying to figure out how to walk to keep up with Keegs.
*He loves to make noises with his mouth. Most of the time he is clicking his tongue but lately he has found that his arm makes some fun noise too.
*Jack's eyes can light up a room.
*He is looking more like his brother.
*Jack is just so much fun and has no fear. He is going to be one crazy kid!

Happy 9th Mirthday Jack!


Membership Required said...

Happy times. They have gone by way too fast. I cant believe they (travis and jack) will soon be a year old. Hard to believe we were big and pregnant (ok....maybe you werent big. Grin.) and walking this time last year. What a sight. I will always remember holding Jack the other day when he snuggled and laid his head on my shoulder. P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S-!

Anonymous said...

can he stick his tongue out? i babysat a little boy that went for a year and 1/2 before he ate solid foods. the problem ended up being that his tongue was too attached on the underside. once they clipped it (simple procedure) he ate tons and tons of food! i'm sure they will have lots of other advice...i know we did a lot of "take a big bite, jack, take a big bite!" and celebratory dances when the bite was taken. keep us updated!

Amanda said...

Wow, I can't believe how close he is to his birthday! You have done an awesome job the past 9 months, my friend. We are taking you out for his first birthday to celebrate! Love you!

Lauren said...

I am so glad to hear Jack doesn't have any teeth! Noah doesn't either! What is up with that? I was starting to get worried, but I guess it's normal.

Courtney said...

happy 9 months... it goes by so fast! we still need to get the kiddo together.they are so close in age! he is so adorable!!!

Eliza said...

I am just a lurker, going about this mommy thing of 2 babies just like you! I love reading your blog, especially when I found out I was pregnant with my second boy who is two years apart from my toddler.

All that introduction to say I learned and laughed a lot reading your experiences as a new mom of two, and admired you. Titus is now 6 months, and we are trying some food now, and he also is not excited about it at all...except I made my own for him the other day, and he gobbled it up like crazy. A lot of work, but he ate it! I tried canned applesauce today, and that was successful also...real stuff, not store stuff.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

When my youngest was just to the eating stage, he had the same problems with solid foods. We were enrolled in ECI at the time for some other issues (which have all thankfully been resolved), but I asked about this and the occupational therapist suggesting using a toothbrush in his mouth a couple of times per day when playing with him and also finding toys that had textures. He could have a texture aversion. We did this for a few weeks and gradually, he began taking the new texture in his mouth.

Just a thought. Good luck.
Molly- a lurker in Cypress.