Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Hurrication" Highlights

After two weeks at my parents house, we rolled back to town last Friday afternoon. We had a great time in Mansfield despite Keegan throwing up every 48 hours. (exciting, huh?) I thought he would be over it and then it would happen again. We are really not sure what it was, but the good news is he is better! :) This made it to where we could not really visit anyone, but we were able to throw in some activities that made is fun. Jonathan was able to stay in Mansfield until our power was turned and it made for some much needed family time. In fact, our boys slept in until 7:30 every morning! (Yes, that is sleeping in and it felt great!) Thank you Ike.

The Highlights...
*The Zoo. It is starting to get more enjoyable taking Keegan to the zoo because now he knows what to look for and what they are called! We took mom and my neice Jacey with us. Look at Jacey's face in that picture! Priceless!

*My Cousin, Shana Banana, gave birth to her baby boy...Jordan Malachi. I am so proud of her and he is beautiful!

*We went to the farm with Mrs. Debbie (my mom's neighbor and mine growing up). She has her horse, Jackie, in a stable at the farm and the owners were nice enough to let us experience all the animals up close and personal. I am pretty sure he likes animals from a distance and only in books. Charlotte the pig and Delilah the Donkey were all up in his business. However, Jack was rather fond of Delilah, and the donkey followed him all around. I wanted to take her home with us but I am not sure Jonathan would appreciate that a donkey in our back yard!

*Dinner out with our family. We went to a restaurant on Joe Pool lake and had a nice armoma of cigarettes combined with the boats gas smell. Isn't that lethel? Anyhow, we had a fun time and fed the ducks afterwards.


A is for Audrey said...

glad you are back! so i've decided i can't read your blog anymore...i just can't see keegan growing up like that. i need to be watching it in person, not thru the blog!! ;) which brings me to my next question...when can we play??
love you girl!

Janelle and Ella said...

I hate that we didn't get see you! I'm so sorry that Keegs was sick almost the entire time. Glad you guys got some fun stuff in though.