Friday, September 12, 2008


We decided to stay put instead of getting in the throng of traffic out of the city. Our area was not a mandatory evacuation. Besides, we are north and nothing much will happen here. (I hope) I do anticipate losing electricity for a good 24 hours, because all you have to do is get a small storm and it goes out. We have been watching the news on and off for a the last day and a half and they are pleading for people to evacuate in Galveston and surrounding low lying areas. BUT still, BUT STILL....people are deciding to brave the storm. Are they crazy? One woman is turning her garage into a booze party and inviting her neighbors. One man is finding a spiritual connection with the hurricane and staying although he knows he might die....but that is okay with him. "One with nature" is his swan song. The coast guard are already rescuing people who are stuck in the surge waters, and it has not even rained yet. It is estimated that 40% of the residents in Galveston decided to stay. Lord, help them in their stupidity to not heed the warnings. I am praying that people do leave when there is still time left.

I think we will be up most of the night listening to the weather, and I would be lying if I was not a little amped up to see it in action. The strength of this storm is something that I have never been apart of but I am relieved to be at arms length to Ike.


Mary Helen said...

Hope you all will be safe through the wind and rain. Will be thinking of you all and hope to hear all about the storm and how the boys do. Love always, Mary Helen

Janelle and Ella said...

Is your electricity back yet? I'm so glad you guys didn't suffer any damage!