Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our "Ike" Vacation

It looks like we might be around Mansfield for a few more days. I called my neighbor and she said that there are so many lines down around us and Centerpoint has not been out to repair anything yet. I feel so bad for them, but they are all cooking for each other, being kind and sharing generator plugs, and bringing back ice from an ice sculpting company to pass around. Yes, the last resort is a ice sculpting company. She said also that food and gas were hard to get and it would be better just to stay until things were back to normal. Of course, there is no way..no how...I would go back without power. BUT, praise God he has sent a cool front for all those without a/c and they actually had to sleep under many blankets to keep warm from the cool of the night.

What is so strange is UPS and Fedex resumed delivering on Monday. It is so strange that some things seem so normal, but other things are very much quite the opposite.

In the meantime, Jonathan does not have to go back until we have power at the house so it kind of feels like a vacation that we did not plan for. His boss is allowing him to work from Dallas even though the office is opening up tomorrow.

Jack ended up with the beginnings of two ear infections and Keegan a sinus infection. I am very grateful we were able to come up here and get them healthy!


Amanda said...

You are so smart to stay. Enjoy your time with your family! I read today on chron.com that the whole Houston area could be out of gas soon. Freaky. Stay put and have fun!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I'm so glad you guys get to stay in Mansfield. My sister's power just came back on today, and they were predicting it wouldn't be on 'til after the 22nd...so maybe they'll get your's on sooner. Enjoy your mini vacay!