Monday, June 16, 2008

The apple does not fall very far from the tree

Yesterday being Father's Day, my heart swelled with what a wonderful man that I married. I can not begin to explain what an in-stinkin-credible father he is. He is so patient and I have never seen him explode out of anger...ever. He gets silly with the boys and could care less how goofy he may look. He gets up every other night and feeds Jack and says the next morning, "Jack and I had fun last night." He never complains but loves to help me out. He tries his absolute hardest to get home every night to eat dinner with us. In fact, very seldom does he miss. He sees how important it is to eat dinner together even if it is chaotic with much screaming and crying. He knows all the words to the Doodlebops songs and likes "Bob the Bus Driver" the best. (He even knows all the movements too..he he!) He lets Keegan destroy his closet and pull out every shoe. Keegan love his "Da". He loves to water the yard, check the mail, play in the tent, fix his hair, run around the house, and much much more with Da.

How could I ask for anyone better? He has exceeded my dreams in how amazing of father he is. I can not wait too see him in action for the years to come. So much of why he is amazing is because he learned it from his father. Paul, Jonathan's dad, has marked him in such a way that he could not be anything other than a remarkable dad. From the minute that I met Jonathan I could tell how much admiration he had for his dad and he tells me all the time, "Dad made it to all my games...I saw him do his quiet time every morning...He is a hard worker"...on and on and on.

I first met Paul, the camp photographer, at the first summer camp at Houston's First that I went to. In fact, I thought his name was Dan the whole week. It was not until we were about to make a Walmart run and I got into the van to go that I learned his name was "Paul" and not "Dan". Paul had told me earlier to wait on him because he needed to go. So when I got into the van, I said, "We need to wait on Dan". Everyone said all at one time it seemed, "Whose Dan?". I said, "The guy who takes all the pictures". Everyone said at seemed..."Dan's the Drummer!!!". Dan the drummer was in the back seat the whole time probably laughing silently while I made a fool of myself. I never knew that "Paul the photographer" would be my future father in law.

The following summer, I met his son Jonathan and after a my internship at HFBC was over, Paul offered Jonathan a Taste of Texas gift card to take me out. (as friends of course although he was hoping for more (both of them). So after a wishy washy first few months, Paul got his wish and we started dating and the rest is history.

On the other side of the family tree, I hope to believe that I have not fallen too far from the amazing father that I have. I have the BEST dad in the whole entire world! He has ALWAYS been there for me. I can count on one hand how many times he has been angry with me and those times broke my heart the most. He has talked me through every hard thing in my life and given great advice. He knows me better than I know myself. He still feels sad that he gave me a big Suburban for my first car. He loves to buy me shoes. He always put gas in my car. He still wishes that I was little. He loves to spend time with me. He loves when I call him and steps out of any meeting to talk to me. He listens so very well. Dad loves my mom so very much. I think that is his best quality. Dad is "sticky sweet". Cari nailed it. I love you Dad so much!


Melissa said...

You are incredibly blessed. May your sons follow their daddy's footsteps. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great testament to some of the men in your lives. I believe that with all my heart that your "daddy" gave you so much love and support that you couldn't choose just any man to be your husband. You chose someone with so many of the same wonderful qualities. Keegan and Jack Jack can't help but be giants of men when they grow is in their genes!

Love, Mom

Janelle & Ella said...

So sweet! I got goosebumps reading your heart felt words.

leigh & laura said...

I am beaming while reading this post :) Gotta love Paul the Photographer--just wait until Hunt!

courtney said...