Saturday, March 29, 2008

God Goes Before Us

One of the coolest things about moving out into this area of town is that God provided two friends, Merry Lynn and Tara, who are exactly in the in this stage of life that I am in. While walking one morning shortly after we moved in our house, I ran into Merry Lynn who was strolling her little girl Campbell. She was also pregnant with her baby boy Travis and we found out that we were due within a month of one another. Campbell and Keegan are three weeks apart as well. We then continued to walk until Jack prevented me from walking long distances, but we have been a good support system for each other! We are so very sad that we did not get a picture of us pregnant with our strollers but the first picture will have to do. Hopefully soon we will have a picture of us strolling our oldest with the youngest in our baby bjorns. (that is a funny sight to see!)

Merry Lynn's baby shower for Travis. (obviously she is the pregnant one besides me!)

Keegan and Campbell before Jack and Travis. (they had no idea what was coming!)

Babysitting Campbell while her brother was very ill and at the hospital.

Travis and Jack at the park snoozing.

Campbell and Keegan enjoying very much being out of the house and loving their toddler freedom!

Another neat relationship that I have encountered is my friend Tara. I met her at Houston Northwest and soon found that were in the same boat as well. Her oldest Cade is just a few days older than Keegan, and Reid her youngest is 7 weeks younger than Jack. So, as you can probably guess, we will have lots to talk about and share with two boys this close together. We had our first playdate on Friday and it was so fun to watch these two boys become friends. We managed to take all four boys to McDonalds and they had a blast together and actually Reid and Jack cooperated and slept! We were quite surprised how well it went!


Keegan not really interested in a photo-op.

Cade trying to figure out why Keegan is going up the slide.

God has really enriched my life with these two ladies and other friends as well. What is even better is that I have made more friends with girls at HNW that have kids around Keegans age too! (I am sure there will be pics to come!) I have prayed for his whole first year of life that God would bring friends into Keegan's life that were his age and He blessed us richly. He certainly hears our prayers and goes before us.


Anonymous said...

There is a reason for everything in life! Having friends that are at the same place are you are in life is so important and helps you and your kids grow! Have fun and enjoy eachother :}


Amanda said...

I know how blessed you feel to have these ladies. God is so faithful and sweet!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Mom friends are a huge blessing! Especially in your neighborhood!

Matt, Andrea, & Luke said...

these ladies are blessed to know you, too, Michelle! tell them I said so. :)

Kristin said...

Michelle, I am so happy that the Lord has entered these friends into your life and into your boys' lives. He proves Himself to be so faithful and you are so good and recognizing His blessings in your life!

The Kaufmann Krew said...

I praise God for your friends! Good friends are a blessing...especially when they are in the EXACT season as you! God is faithful!
P.S.- What neighborhood do ya'll live in? We are looking around at houses and I remember when you posted a pic of your house I LOVED it! Would you email me?
Thanks girl!

Janelle & Ella said...

I'm so happy for you Michelle!! Like Andrea said, I'm imagining how they are thinking how incredibly blessed they are to have found YOU! I wish I lived in your neighborhood!

Kay Altic said...

That is so awesome friend!!! PTL


Hey Michelle! It's been awhile. What a great post. It's very encouraging to me as we are packing up for our move to Seattle. Your boys are adorable!! :) Tina

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