Sunday, March 23, 2008

Birthdays, Bubbles, Boo Boos, and Easter "Balls"

This was a very EVENT-ful weekend which equals lots of pictures. :) So, bear with me, skip this post, or maybe do a fast skim! There are several relatives (okay, grandparents in Mansfield) that would like to see what happens in Houston. :)

On Friday night we had a get together with friends and we decided to be "Eastery" and make these. They were supposed to be eggs on green grass, but looks a little like something else. :) You be the judge. To our amazement they were a huge hit. Just add chopped up butterfinger nestle eggs to your brownie mix and make some brownie cupcakes.

On Saturday afternoon, we had Brianna's 1st Birthday party. Brianna had the yummiest cake any one year old has every had for her birthday. ANYTIME her mama Mae and Cousin Lesly are in charge of food you are in for a treat. Brianna is super at army crawling, learning all sorts of baby signs and wears only a size 2 shoe! Tiny and Precious!

Aunt Mae brought some chicks to the party. Luckily they went home with the other cousins! :)

Mama Sproule was a hit with Jack!

Laura learned to never wear a flower on your head in front of a blogger.

Keegan meets Mr. Cat then gets clawed by Mr. Cat.
Keegan still likes Cats.

I love when your Canon Rebel makes you look like an amazing photographer.

Two of Keegan's favorite things..suckers and bubbles.

Easter completed our weekend. WOW, I feel like and adult, now that I am the one putting together the baskets.

The Easter Outfits. Keegan found his pockets just in time!

I coordinated their outfits in hopes of good brother picture. First, Jack drenched his new shirt with spit up, so we put it in the dryer and then put it back on him. (gross, I know). Second, we put Keegan on the couch and he wanted to go "bye bye". So, needless to say, this is the only brothers pic.

Easter "Ball" Hunting. Not and egg...a ball. The cheerios inside the eggs were a big hit.

Mr. GQ all the way.

PHHEEEW! What a weekend..and what a post! It would be easy to get caught up with all the holiday celebrations and not recognize the awesome gift of the Holy Spirit that God has given us. What is even better is that no matter what decisions we make, what ever rough road we choose to go down, whatever mistakes we have made...God still loves us. He went through all the pain and suffering on the cross so that we could be free. Free from the past and the guilt that accompanies it. Free from any condemnation that the enemy throws our way. If only we could learn to walk in that freedom. I have this awesome painting in my kitchen that my sweet friend Christine painted for me and gave me at Christmas. On it is painted, "I know very well how foolish the message of the cross sounds to those who are on the road to destruction. BUT we who are being saved recognize the message as the very power of God" 1 Corinthians 1:18." If you learn to accept the truth, your life will never be the same. My life will be forever marked by my Savior and it is never too late for you to experience the very same matter what you have done. God can make the ugly...beautiful. That is the power of God.


leigh & laura said...

Actually, I wear flowers on my head on a regular basis. What?... That's not normal?

Keegan definitely is a stud in those pics. You'll have to save those for his senior page in the yearbook down the road.
-Aunt Laura

Anonymous said...

Well, the grandparents in Mansfield crave your posts (however long) and pictures (however many)!!!!! Wonderful pictures and stories to go with them.

I can't decide which picture I like the best, but the one of "Auntie with Flowers on her Head" ranks right up there!

Mom, aka Gigi

The Juarez Family said...

Adorable pics :}


Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

The pocket pictures are almost too much to handle! So J. Crew.

Lauren said...

As for the cupcakes, I'm going to say they look like little footballs rather than, well, something else. ;)

Matt, Andrea, & Luke said...

Love all the pics! The pic of Jack looks just like YOU, I think. :) And you are such a creative titler to your blogs ... love it!!

Janelle & Ella said...

Oh, these pictures are SO cute. I agree with Sunni, those pocket pictures are too much!
I'm glad y'all had a wonderful Easter!

lowerys said...

what a fun weekend! and amen, sister! your blogs are always so fun and encouraging!